Why Solar Energy Makes Sense in Utah

When energy is the topic of conversation, most people want clean, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Living in Utah with a massive amount of open sky, beautiful mountain ranges and many outdoor activities year round, the sun can be an effective tool when looking for an alternative energy source. To keep this gorgeous landscape in a healthier state to enjoy for many years to come, Utah needs to have a backup plan for alternative energy.

Solar power energy systems in Utah could be the perfect answer to effectively reduce harm to the environment and also put some money back into your pocket for other expenses. This wonderful state has hot summers with large amounts of sun from a desert climate, which is an ideal situation for anyone thinking of installing solar panels on their Utah home or property.

Electricity in Utah Today

Coal is the number-one source of electrical power in Utah, producing about four-fifths of the state’s energy needs. In addition to having a heavy environmental impact, coal-fired power plants create health risks in the form of dangerous air particles. Those then get trapped by the mountains of the Salt Lake Valley. Coal-burning power plants have the potential to emit 100 or more tons of nitrogen and sulfur oxides and produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide. These have big impacts on visibility and air quality, not to mention their significant role in global climate change. Natural gas is the distant-second power contributor in Utah, but it has a small hand in the life of Utah residents.

Rebates and Credits on Utah Solar Energy

Utilities are one of the many constants in living, no matter where you call home. Some places have higher or lower energy costs depending on the cost to produce. Utah solar electricity is one resourceful solution that can limit the amount of spending you do each month. In Utah, Rocky Mountain Power is Utah’s largest electricity supplier. The power company offers a rebate of $1,250/kilowatt (KW) up to a maximum of $5,000. When you purchase and install a solar panel system on your Utah home, you will be eligible for this one-time rebate. Go Solar Group will make sure the proper paperwork is filed so that you receive this valuable rebate.

Solar-powered households are also eligible for certain state and federal tax credits, which can defray the installation cost considerably. And let’s not forget that any surplus energy your Utah home’s solar energy system creates gets funneled onto the grid for future credit.

These benefits don’t even factor in the considerable appreciation to your home value by Going Solar. Your investment equates to instant equity. So even if you sell your Utah home before getting the maximum value out of your solar electric panels, you will benefit from this added value.