You are asking yourself: Why should we use solar energy? Let the Experts Help!

Yes that’s right, we only do Solar.  Because of this laser focus we are able to provide expert opinions, design, engineering & more. We are your Solar Power Experts.

Going Solar is Hassle-Free

Going Solar makes sense, so why not rely on the experts  to make it happen?  We work with our engineers, get the permits and proper documents from the city, coordinate all aspects of the installation, and even work with the power company to make sure you are up and running and producing your own power.  Go Solar!

  • We engineer a plan to get the most solar power out of your Utah home.
  • We minimize your solar panel cost so that your Utah solar power system will pay for itself as quickly as possible.
  • We compile the necessary forms and documentation from your city of residence.
  • We provide safe, professional installation of new Utah solar power systems.
  • We hook your solar energy up to the existing electric lines so that extra power you generate can be turned into future credit.
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How does Solar work?

Solar panels allow you to capture the power of the sun. The sun produces enough energy per minute to power the entire earth for 30 years! When you Go Solar, you are doing your part to contribute and capture a little bit of this renewable energy we call the sun. So how does it work?
  • Solar panels capture the sun as DC power.
  • An inverter changes the power to AC so your house can use the energy.
  • If there is excess power it goes back onto the grid, and you get a credit to use later.

Start Capturing the Power of the Sun Now!

Going Solar Makes Cents.  Make the smart choice today and go solar.  What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions:

simple-example-of-solara standard home in Utah will use around 800 KWh each month. Our engineers will determine the best location, and size for your system to maximize your return.  Some factors that may effect the size of your system:
Sun exposure
Roof Space
Photovoltaic panels are typically rate for 25+ years.  Build quality has significantly increased over the years, and your panel will be able to withstand almost all elements (rain, show, hail, etc)

The cost of solar panels in Utah is one of the most common topics brought up when people inquire about our services. Many people believe that solar energy systems are only for major corporations or people with lots of disposable income. But the truth is that installing solar panels could be a possibility for just about any homeowner.

The price of solar panels and installation will vary depending on a number of different factors. This could include the size of your home, your average electrical consumption, and the rebates, incentives, and other forms of financial help available for new installations. Typically, the price of solar energy systems can range between $4,000 and $5,000 per installed KW. With rebates and incentives, this cost could be SIGNIFICANTLY lower. Please contact us today to learn more about the solar panel cost for your Utah home.

Utah is a fantastic candidate for Solar Power.  We typically have over 300 days per year with sun.  Some of the factors that should be considered when looking at solar power for your home:
Adequate roof space oriented South and/or West
Shading and shadows effect the efficiency of your system, so less is better!
Roof in good condition (don’t want to install on 20 year old shingles)
There is multiple incentives and rebates that are available to consumers.  A typical customer will qualify for three types: Federal, State, and Utility.  Please click on the respective sections to find out more about available incentives.
Solar power systems require very little maintenance.  They’re are no moving parts, and require you to clean the panels 1-2 times a year to maintain optimal efficiency.  Always make sure your system is free of debris to make sure they are producing the most power possible.


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