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Hint: Skip microinverters, go with backup

Battery Backup is Crucial For


Wiring for power to an external source

Maintaining cold food storage

Keeping the lights on throughout your property

Ensuring that property security systems stay on

Preventing the interruption of medical devices

Offering appliance charging

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Whole House Battery Backup: Powerwall

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Backup Storage Versus Battery Backup: Know the Difference?

One of the most confusing solar terms is battery backup and backup power/storage. Although both terms get used interchangeably with each other, they don’t mean the same thing. This can create misleading advertising.

Battery Backup Power for Your Home

Backup is a power supply that allows you to use your system when there is a grid failure. This is either short-term stored energy or solar energy routed away from your net meter. If you have a solar system that does not have battery backup, you will not have power when the grid goes down. This is because it is against the fire code for a solar system to be running power through a net meter when the grid is down.

Battery Backup: Deep Cycle Batteries

Battery backup, on the other hand, is an actual battery that can power your home. Battery backups such as Tesla’s Powerwall stores power from your solar panels. When your panels don’t have sunlight to power your home your battery backup kicks in. Battery backup systems do not require you to connect to the grid.

These battery backup systems normally use a deep cycle battery. Designers created deep cycle batteries to use most of their capacity before recharging. There are a few different types of deep cycle batteries. Lead-acid, lithium, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-iron are the main battery competitors for solar. As of right now, lithium batteries are taking the lead in being the best deep cycle battery for solar. This is because they last longer and are more efficient.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup

What about when your power goes out? Many assume that their solar array would still run in a power outage. The truth, however, is that it is a requirement for grid-tied systems to be off during a power outage.

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

At Go Solar Group we offer a solar generator called the Goal Zero Yeti 3000. This generator allows you to have more power options. You can use it on the go or in your home.

The Yeti 3000 comes with 11 ports with different functions. This generator can power several devices at once no matter the weather or time of day.

It can also connect to your home with a home integration kit. The home integration kit allows you to connect to your breaker panel. You can power up to four 15-20 amp circuits in your home.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup and Tesla

For those that would like to get completely off the grid, we have a solution for you as well. Go Solar Group carries Tesla Powerwalls and has installed many off-grid systems. We suggest getting an off-grid system if you live in an area that isn’t already connected to the grid. This is because it would cost as much or more to bring the grid to you as it would be to go off-grid. If, however, you live in an area already connected and would like battery backup, we can help you do this as well.

Key Battery Backup Definitions and Facts

Storage: A device that is capable of keeping energy for use at a later time; a battery.

Backup: A way to use electricity, in the event of a power outage. It can either be in the form of a battery/storage or instantaneous use of the electricity from the solar panels.

All batteries are backup, not all backup is a battery.

Battery: Interchangeable with storage. A battery is an electrical storage device. A type of backup.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup Offerings

Solar power is an excellent first step to making your home energy independent. However, at night or during days of bad weather, your solar panels may not be producing as much electricity as your home requires. To help our customers get the most out of their solar installations, we offer three different levels of battery backup. Each one fits the needs of different customers. Learn more about which battery backup level is right for your home!

Level 1 — Yeti Battery Backup for Emergency Use

Choose between the Yeti 3000 or the Yeti 1400 Goal Zero Batteries.

A Goal Zero solar panel so you can recharge your battery backup option anywhere.

A Goal Zero Home Integration Kit.

Level 2 — Yeti Battery Backup and Extensions for Larger Power Needs

Choose between the Yeti 3000 or the Yeti 1400 Goal Zero Batteries.

Goal Zero solar panel

A Goal Zero Home Integration Kit.

Up to four extra Goal Zero battery backup extensions.

Level 3 – Custom Battery Backup – Tesla Powerwall

Pretty self-explanatory. One Powerwall can backup as many 30a or fewer circuits as the customer desires. Two or more Powerwalls can backup almost every single load in the house. Be prepared with a backup system. Complete the quick quote form to request a call about solar system pricing and products. Our team will work with you on your backup preferences to make sure that your solar array will provide security for all of your needs.

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