7 Steps to Solar in Utah

Why Go Solar in Utah?

Follow the pathways below to see your custom solar savings estimate for your Utah home. See why we're one of the most trusted residential solar installers in the Western United States.

7 Steps To Going Solar Smartly

Don't fall prey to Utah solar companies trying to sell you poor quality products or more panels than you need to maximize savings benefits. Follow the steps below to make sure you cover all the needed bases.

1 Speak With a Knowledgeable Qualifier

The first step to a solar array that meets your unique needs is speaking with a knowledgeable appointment setter, who can help you see whether solar makes sense for you economically and whether you qualify for certain solar incentives. When you speak with our appointment setters, they will gather the information needed to create a free customized solar quote for your Utah home. Some of the information they'll gather are your monthly electric bill estimate and utility provider information.

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2 Meet With a Consultant To Review Your Custom Solar Proposal

Once your free, customized and no-obligation appointment is set, we will send a solar consultant to your home or meet with you via a web conference appointment. The consultant will review the details of your proposal, including solar savings estimates from the proposed installation, the number of panels needed and more. They'll also answer any questions you may have. This is an educational meeting, not a pushy sales pitch.

3 Learn the Product Options

Once you know solar makes sense for your Utah home, you can assess the products made available to you. Go Solar Group uses 310-watt monocrystalline German-engineered solar panels and state of the art inverters; we also provide three tiers of battery backup, Nest Thermostats and more. See our 2021 product suite.


4 Choose an Installation Type for Your Utah Home

Once you have decided whether Go Solar Group is right for you, we can discuss the installation options available for you. Unlike most Salt Lake City area solar installers, Go Solar Group is well-versed in all solar installation types and making each work, given the structure of your home. From ground mount installations to haphazard roofs, we'll make sure the installation meets both your aesthetic and energy production needs.

5 Make Sure Your Solar Company Completes the Paperwork for You

After you have decided how you'll finance your solar array (in-cash or with our available zero down loan options and other payment programs), we can complete the otherwise confusing and time-consuming solar installation paperwork for you. This documentation helps facilitate the inspection, net metering installation and permitting processes for your array. It also includes the necessary documentation to obtain your federal tax credit incentive. 

Titan Solar Power - Go Solar Group's National Installation Partner

6 Sign Up To Install Before Incentives Decline

At Go Solar Group, we work with Titan Solar Power as our National Installation Partner to make sure the install is prompt and correct. Make sure you sign up sooner than later for your SLC solar installation, or you could miss out on thousands in savings from the 2021 federal tax credit rate, your utility company's existing net metering rates for credits you'll get when exporting unused solar energy back onto the grid and the time value of money (TVM) savings, which maximize your return on your solar investment.

7 Watch the Solar Savings Roll In

After your solar installation, net metering, inspection procedures and documentation are approved and the installation is completed, you are ready to turn on your system and begin what is, for most, a 40-year process of saving dozens of thousands of dollars on power bills. With the flip of a switch, you'll finally be able to experience an investment that works for you, not against you. Still not convinced? Learn more about the amazing ROI of solar panels for homeowners.

Find out how much you can save by going solar in the Salt Lake City area with our custom solar calculator. All it takes is 60 seconds.

What Makes This Utah Solar Company Stand Out

African woman with solar product

Go Solar Group is a family-owned, full-service solar company founded in Utah after a service mission in Africa. We believe solar power is a power-full equalizer. We have wielded and marveled over its power and influence. It can provide economic empowerment to people of all creeds via improved global health, educational opportunity, solar savings and the ownership of energy production it gives individuals.


After experiencing the benefits of installing solar products for orphanages in off-grid communities, Go Solar Group founders decided to pursue affordable solar in America so they can provide it in Africa. Since then, the business goal for Go Solar Group has been simple — bring affordable, quality solar products to all Go Solar Group customers.


Specialists at Go Solar Group set the customer appointment, design the solar array, submit the financing, complete and submit permitting and assist with installing the solar array.


Common Utah Solar Panel Company Q&A

If you have questions regarding Utah solar, we have answers. Learn more about the solar basics and take a deep dive into our Knowledge Base, General Solar FAQ, and How Solar Panels Work pages.

Do I Need To Own My Home?

Owning your home is very important to the process of installing a solar array. If you don’t own your home, the owner needs to allow the installation.

What Does Credit Have To Do With Qualifying for Solar?

For many, the price of solar is not something they can pay for in one lump sum. Solar companies are aware of this. As a result, they have created relationships with financing companies they trust. If you have a credit score that is in the 700's or higher, you should qualify for a solar loan easily. Credit scores of 650 or above are usually baseline.

Why Is Owing Taxes Important for Solar?

Because of the federal solar tax credit, you can get a percentage of your system covered. This percentage is equivalent to thousands of dollars. People who don’t owe taxes can’t qualify for this incentive. Not qualifying for this incentive makes solar less financially appealing. 

Do I Have Enough Usage To Qualify for a Solar Power System?

For both you and the solar company to benefit, you need to use a certain amount of electricity in a year. Solar companies would cease to exist if they couldn’t afford to pay their expenditures. Go Solar Group’s minimum usage for a solar array is 6,000 kWh over a year or an average of 500 kWh per month.

How Can I Maximize My Solar Savings?

Installing solar on your Utah home saves money. However, you can optimize your solar savings by completing high-energy activities when the sun is shining. Some of these activities include running the dishwasher and laundry machines. If you have a delay timer on your appliances, you can set them to turn on in the middle of the day. Appliances that don't have a delay timer save the most energy when they are turned on during a lunch break. Water fountains and pool or hot tub pumps also require quite a bit of energy. If you want to lower your water pump energy consumption, consider investing in a few items. A pool timer, a correctly sized pump, and an energy-efficient motor will save you hundreds in electricity bills. You need to circulate your water. However, when and how you do it can change how much it costs.


Is Battery Backup Worth It in Utah?

Regardless of the power source, when the grid goes down, so will the power in your home. It is when these outages occur that a battery backup option would come in handy. Individuals who want to take control away from their utility would be wise to consider a home battery or two, so they can store all their excess solar power and use it to power their Utah home whenever the sun is down.

How To Choose a Utah Solar Company

When choosing a Utah solar company for your home, there are a few factors to consider. Finding the best solar company requires looking at the company's credentials, customer reviews and the quality of its products.

Learn More About Utah Solar Terms With Our Periodic Table

There are lots of solar terms, making it easy to get lost in the industry jargon. With our Utah Periodic Table of Solar Elements, homeowners interested in residential solar can navigate Utah solar terms without a hitch.

Discover the Cost and Savings of Solar Panels

The overall cost and savings of a solar array depend on a few variables. Some of these factors include the price-per-watt, deciding between wholesale and an installer, financing options, requirements for installing solar and savings associated with residential and commercial solar. To learn more about these, check out our solar panel cost guide.

Go Solar Group's Product Suite

The products a solar company offers determines the production and longevity of the solar array. Go Solar Group has a plethora of quality products. 

We have a variety of solar panels and mounting racks that we use to help customize the solar installation to the customer's needs. One of the product selections that sets us apart, however, is our battery backup levels

These levels of backup help customers with different energy needs have the amount of backup they feel is necessary — or affordable. These levels allow every Go-Solar-Group-installed solar home the option of operating during an outage. Our customers can choose between two Goal Zero product packages and Tesla's Powerwall 2

Go Solar Group Success Stories and Testimonials

The best way to know whether a solar company is right for you is to see what their customers have to say about them. Go Solar Group has had many satisfied solar homeowners over the years, and the customers are raving! Check out the videos below to hear more about what our customers have to say about our quality service and dependability.

“We’re just really pleased with the result of working with Go Solar.”

“The city inspector told me he never has an issue with Go Solar Group installations.”

“It’s just nice to know we have some money invested in a place that’s doing the world and me some good.”

Wayne Sumner

“I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on.”

“They are committed to the long-term benefit of the customer.”

“They were always there for me beyond the initial sale of the system.”

Steven Cummings

“I Want the Truth and I Felt Like We Were Getting that With Go Solar.”

“They Coordinated and Scheduled Everything for Us.”

“It Wasn’t a Sales Pitch. It Was Giving Us All the Facts We Needed.”

Andrew Morgenegg

“If you’re looking to put solar on your home, I would recommend them because of the way they treated us.”

“The best part was working with the people.”

“They showed us (in contrast to competitors) what I figured would be a much better situation.”

Dave Eckersley

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