Utah Solar Stories: Customer Reviews

“We’re just really pleased with the result of working with Go Solar.”

“The city inspector told me he never has an issue with Go Solar Group installations.”

“It’s just nice to know we have some money invested in a place that’s doing the world and me some good.”

“If you’re looking to put solar on your home, I would recommend them because of the way they treated us.”

“The best part was working with the people.”

“They showed us (in contrast to competitors) what I figured would be a much better situation.”

“I Want the Truth and I Felt Like We Were Really Getting that With Go Solar Group.”

“They Coordinated and Scheduled Everything for Us.”

“It Wasn’t a Sales Pitch. It Was Giving Us All the Facts We Needed to Make a Good Decision.”

“I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on.”

“They are committed to the long-term benefit of the customer.”

“They were always there for me beyond the initial sale of the system.”

Drastically Reduce Your Power Bill Costs

Offset your energy usage and stop paying escalating prices for private monopoly-backed utilities.

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Lock in a fixed price on energy

Live on free solar energy instead of succumbing to the inflating prices of a public power grid.

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Scale your environmental impact

Reduce your carbon emissions by 3-5 tons per year without changing your usage habits.

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Maintain power with 24/7 backup

With solar backup, you can be tied to the grid AND maintain power when the grid goes down.

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Get a great return on your asset investment

Property value increases significantly with a solar installation & you save at least 20% more buying solar than leasing.

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Secure your family inheritance

Passing on a home with solar panels can cut out utility bills for your children, and their children too!

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Protect your health with better air quality

Solar energy reduces particulate matter, nitrous oxides, and more, preventing lingering air pollution.

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Provide jobs for people instead of machines

Solar energy is reliant on labor-intensive design & installation, while fossil fuel tech is facilitated by machines.

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