Utah Solar Carport Installation FAQs

Utah Solar FAQs
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Utah Solar Carport Installation FAQs

Some homeowners aren’t able to have solar panels on their roofs for one reason or another. A potential solution is installing solar panels in your backyard. However, not everybody has a backyard — or other spaces — to install solar panels on. For people who fall into this category, a solar carport is a potential solution.

What Are Solar Carports?

A solar carport is a carport with solar panels installed on top of it. Solar panels can be installed on a carport for a variety of reasons and can also provide a variety of benefits. 

Why Utah Homeowners Install Solar Panels on Their Carports

There are three main reasons that solar panels are installed on a carport instead of on a roof or in a yard. Firstly, the roof may be unfit for solar panels for one reason or another. Secondly, there may not be enough space in the yard to install solar. Thirdly, the homeowner may not want to invest in a full-size solar installation. 

Solar Carports for Utah Homes That Can’t Install Rooftop Solar

Some homes cannot install solar on their roof. Their roof might have structural damage that hasn’t been repaired yet and solar panels are too heavy for it. Others might be at the wrong angle to catch the sun’s rays. Still, others may be facing in the wrong direction. And, finally, some homes may be in an HOA which may make installing solar panels difficult. For homes like these, a carport can be a potential solution. 

Solar Carports for Utah Homes That Can’t Install Ground-Mounted Solar

Some homes also cannot install ground-mounted solar, sometimes called backyard solar. While ground-mounted solar usually leave space underneath the panels for people to walk around, they can still take up space. Some places also do not have yard space available, such as a townhouse. For homes like this, a carport may be available for installing solar.

Solar Carports for Smaller Utah Solar Installations

Finally, some homeowners may want solar but they do not wish to install a full solar panel system quite yet. For these homeowners, a solar carport can be a good trial run. They can see the benefits of solar while not diving into a full rooftop installation. 

The Benefits of Utah Solar Carports

What benefits can you derive from installing solar on your carport in Utah? There are a few key ones. Firstly, you can begin to power your home with clean energy right now. Secondly, you can ensure that your electric vehicle is always charged with renewable electricity. Thirdly, you can reduce your power bill. Finally, you can always expand it into a full system later. With all these things in mind, a solar carport is clearly a great compromise for homeowners who can’t get a full rooftop solar array.


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