Free Solar Panels in Utah: Clarifying the Myth

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Free Solar Panels Utah: Clarifying the Myth

With the ever-increasing popularity of residential solar have come a host of unscrupulous sales tactics. Chief among these is the idea of free solar panels. Do free solar panel installations even exist? If not, then what’s the catch?

Free Solar Panels Do Not Exist in Utah

A common solar scam in recent years has been offering “free” solar panels to homeowners. The offer is usually accompanied by a solar contract that the homeowner is pressured to sign before fully reading it. What are the downsides of these panels?

Free Solar Panels Come With Expensive Contracts

The main downside to the free solar panel scam is the contract. While the solar panels themselves may seem to be free to the homeowner, there’s some fine print that we need to keep in mind. 

You Don’t Own the Solar Panels on Your Utah Roof

The free solar panels being installed on your roof are not your solar panels. They are owned and operated by the company that is installing them — you’re merely leasing them. The company chooses when and where to install them. This means that the panels can be installed in a place on the roof which you don’t like. 

Getting Out of a Solar Panel Lease in Utah Is Difficult

After leasing solar panels, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Whether you wish to remove the solar panels completely or you want to move, you’ll be looking at expensive fines and fees.

Removing the Panels Is Costly

When you lease solar panels, you don’t get the choice to move or remove them. The solar company that you’re leasing the panel from has that decision. If you want to remove the solar panels, then you will likely have to pay an expensive fee. The fee can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Getting Someone Else To Take On Your Utah Solar Contract Can Be Difficult

If you have a leased solar installation and you wish to move, you will need to find someone else to take on the contract. Otherwise, you will need to either pay to have the panels removed or keep paying for solar panels on a home that you no longer own. With solar panels that you purchase, you can have them taken to your new home and installed there. Purchasing solar is a more cost-effective choice.


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