The Go Solar Saga: A Video Interview on the Founders' Vision and Energy Independence

No Solar Company Materialized Out of Thin Air. Every One Had a Goal, a Story, and an Ideal. One of the Best Ways To Learn About a Solar Company, What Motivates Them and What Their Goals Are, Is To Learn More About Who Founded the Company. Learn the Story of Go Solar Group's Beloved Founders, Scott Cramer and Keven Jensen, through this Entrepreneur's Video Spotlight, Including Where To Start If You're Interested in Installing Solar on Your Home and What You Need To Know Before Moving Forward. 
Go Solar Group CEO

Keven Jensen

Keven is passionate about helping others. He is on the board of directors for SelectHealth and Mothers Without Borders. Keven started, and ran, a successful medical billing and practice management company called Professional Management Group. While volunteering in Zambia, Keven saw the power of the sun and knew there was potential for others to benefit from its power.
Go Solar Group President

Scott Cramer

Green Business has always been a part of Scott’s life. At the age of 11, Scott started Cramerco — a curbside recycling business. After graduating from university, Scott started Simple Solutions, an energy consulting firm designed to save businesses money and help the environment. Scott has immersed himself in solar since 2009 when he first saw the positive impact it could have on others.

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