What Are Half-Cut Solar Cells?

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Solar Panel With Half-Cut Cells

Half-cut solar cells are exactly what they sound like: solar cells that have been sliced in half. There are many benefits to half-cut solar cells over standard monocrystalline panels

Advantages of Half-Cut Solar

Half-cut solar cells, while a semi-rare solar technology right now, has several upsides that may push them into further prominence in the near future.

Half-Cut Solar Cells Are Smaller

Firstly, half-cut solar cells are smaller than regular solar cells. Because they are smaller, electricity doesn’t have to travel as far through the wires. Less electricity is lost during transit this way, which increases your installation’s overall efficiency. 

Half-Cut Solar Cells Are More Damage Resistant

Secondly, smaller solar cells are less likely to be damaged. A longer cell is structurally weaker, making it more likely that it could be fractured by hail or other objects. A smaller cell is stronger. 

Half-Cut Solar Panels Are Shade Resistant

Finally, half-cut solar panels will have twice as many cells as a regular monocrystalline panel. More solar cells means that less power is lost because of shading. When a solar cell is shaded, energy production for the entire cell is limited. Because regular solar cells are twice as large as half-cut cells, it gives a typical solar panel more opportunities to lose energy production.

If you take a solar panel, one a typical monocrystalline panel and one half-cut, and put the same amount of shade over them, the half-cut panel will lose roughly half as much power. This is because only half of the cells, theoretically, will be shaded compared to a regular solar panel. If panel efficiency and energy loss to shade are things you’re concerned about, then half-cut solar cells will be a potential solution.

Disadvantages of Half-Cut Solar Cells

There is one major downside that comes with half-cut cells. Because there are twice as many solar cells, the wiring in a half-cut solar cell panel will need to be more complicated. The wiring of the panels takes more time and specialized equipment, limiting the amount that can be produced at any one time. 

Additionally, creating the panels pre-wiring takes more time and specialized equipment, as the electrical connections between the panels take twice as long. 


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