Want to Get Away with a $500 Highway Robbery in Broad Daylight, Courtesy of the Sun?

The Benefits for Go Solar Group Referrers

Refer and Earn Without Limits

Earn $500 per installed referral with no limits on number you can submit

Anybody Can Do It

Everybody and anybody qualifies for our Sun Split program

Earn Money Giving the Gift of Solar

See the value of solar without having to buy It

Welcome to the Sun Split Solar Referral Club

Earn with the Sun Split Solar Referral Club all it takes is 3 steps and 30 seconds. You Don’t Even Have to Be a Go Solar Group Customer:

1. Think of someone interested in solar power.

2. Fill out the form on this page with their contact information and your name.

3. Decide how to use the $500 when your referral installs with us.

The best part?

There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can earn from!

Refer someone to Go Solar Group

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Get accurate solar savings for your home or business

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