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A SolarEdge Inverter Spec Sheet from Go Solar Group

Record-breaking efficiency, excellent warranty, and inverter power seemingly customized to the complexity of your home. Welcome to SolarEdge Single Phase Inverters.

Record-Breaking Efficiency

SolarEdge power optimizers have a weighted efficiency of 98.8 percent and their inverter has a weighted efficiency of 99 percent. These products combined allow you to get the most out of your solar array.

A Product Warranty to Match Your Panels

Although your residential panels will last 25 plus years, other parts of your system may not. Having a good warranty will save you money and hassle when the current has to go against the wind. The SolarEdge Inverter has a 12-year warranty that you can get extended up to 25 years. SolarEdge’s power optimizers are also warrantied for 25 years.

SolarEdge: An Inverter for the Complicated Roof

Not all roofs have enough space to string four panels in the same direction. Your available space makes using a traditional string inverter a bit of a challenge. That’s why your friendly neighborhood solar installer has found an inverter just for you.

A String Inverter with Optimizers

The SolarEdge string inverter has DC power optimizers placed on the back of each panel. An optimizer increases the current coming from the panels. There are two main outcomes the come from an optimized system.

SolarEdge Power Optimizer

Let Your Panels Fit Your Roof

Optimized panels allow a string of panels to be placed in different directions without affecting the efficiency. This is perfect for homes that don’t have large amounts of unshaded space.

Monitoring Your Modules to Prevent Energy Loss

SolarEdge power optimizers monitor each solar module. Shaded panels that are monitored can be stopped from slowing down the production of the rest of the panels on a string.

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