Solar Quiz: What Century Does Your Home Belong In?

Utah and Reno residential solar quiz

Everyone has a slightly skewed opinion of their own stuff, primarily when it comes to homes. Take this quiz to discover whether you’re living in the past or up to speed with present day living.


1. When you have guests at your house, what word are they most likely to use to describe what they see?

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2. Which TV show neighborhood would your home look LEAST out of place in?

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3. What percentage of your home contains bright colors?

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4. Which of these items does the space in your home revolve around most?

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5. Which movie would your bedroom look least out of place in?

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6. What is your home's exterior made of?

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7. Which of these iconic figures best represents your home's energy consumption?

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8. Which song best describes your home's ambiance?

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9. Roughly what percentage of your home is LED-lighted?

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10. Is your home properly insulated?

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11. What material is your roof made out of?

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What Century Does Your Home Belong In?
The 21st Century
Congratulations! Your home is very modern and up-to-date. The only thing you could do to make it more modern is adding a few solar panels to its rooftop.
The 20th Century
Your home may have it's redeeming qualities, but it could use a bit of modernization when it comes to your energy consumption habits. Better energy efficiency, insulation, and solar panels would be of great assistance in this endeavor.
The 19th Century
Uh-oh! It looks like your home definitely needs a more modernizing feel, especially when it comes to the ambiance and energy consumption. Solar can help because saving never goes out of style.

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