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The main benefit of Go Solar Group’s Level 2 Portable Solar Backup (SPS+Portable Solar Battery), is that it lets you take the excess power you’ve stored from your home solar panels, store it in a portable device, and use it with you on any kind of outing where you need power – from camping trips to block parties.

Since solar panels can’t store their excess power alone, you will need some sort of solar backup to maximize your solar savings ROI. There are many different solar backup options out there. Which one is best for you will depend on your needs and budget.

Go Solar Group offers four levels of solar backup. This is so everyone has the option to store at least some of their excess solar production and use it in a way that makes sense for them.

If you need power on the go, second level backup is for you. This is because it includes a secure power supply and a portable solar powered generator. This particular level of backup is great for use while camping or going to a block party.

Taking a Look at Portable Solar Power

What makes a solar generator portable is a little more than a couple of wheels: It has to be compact enough that you can actually move it, and light enough to move it as well. Unlike gasoline generators, solar powered generators don’t carry extra weight with them when charged.

An average Powerwall, the most popular solar battery,  weighs a little over 200 lbs. Solar generators, on the other hand, are often in the 10 to 70 lbs range.

There are two main types of portable solar backup. These include portable generators and hand held solar battery chargers.

Uses for a Portable Solar Generator

Go Solar Group uses Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000. This solar generator is 68.6 lbs, which is light enough for you to take camping, especially since it has a dolly with large wheels and a retractable handle.

With Go Solar Group’s Level 2 Backup, this portable solar generator can charge your laptop, cell phone, tablet, headlamp, camera and more for hundreds of charges. If you choose to charge your solar generator while camping, you should invest in a portable panel. If you have home solar installed, you can use the panels to charge the portable solar generator. However, do not attempt to take the solar panels off your roof for your camping excursion.

Portable Solar Chargers for Backpacking

Solar generators are pretty heavy and forest trails can be pretty uneven, so it makes to think about how navigable this terrain will be with one of these devices.

If you are planning on going on a quick hike, a handheld solar charger is probably the best option. These won’t charge everything, but it will keep your phone charged.

With this device you can rest assured knowing you can call, text and take scenic pictures to your heart’s content. These chargers are also small enough that you can attach them to the back of your backpack. Allowing them to charge while you are hiking.

What Makes Portable Generation a Good Home Backup Option

When you purchase solar for your home, it doesn’t come with backup capabilities. In fact, there is a mechanism installed in all solar systems that will shut off your solar power when an outage is detected. These are called automatic/rapid shutdown switches.

Automatic shut-off switches are necessary for grid-tied systems. This is because your system puts power onto the grid, which requires extra code compliance to ensure safety for all those impacted by grid-tied power.

If you were to put power onto the grid while line-workers were fixing outage issues, it could harm them.  Because of this liability, automatic shut-off switches are a requirement for solar panels installed for both homes and businesses.

This, however, defeats the point of having solar. which is why many opt for some form of solar backup. These backup options allow individuals to continue using their solar power.

Go Solar Group’s First Level of Solar Backup

Go Solar Group’s first level of backup allows you to access power produced by your solar panels in real time. This is done through an outlet that is wired to your inverter; this outlet enables you to redirect solar power away from the grid.

The problem is that this outlet may not be close to your fridge or other stationary appliances. This means you will have to use an assortment of extension cords and power strips to make it functional.

It also only works when the sun it out; which means, once it starts to get dark, you won’t have power just like everyone else in the middle of an outage. That’s why solar battery backup (as opposed to backup) is valuable: it allows you to store solar power for use at a later date.

Benefits of a Portable Solar Power Source

One of the main selling points for portable solar generators is outdoor use. However, it is also a great option for home backup. This is largely due to the generator’s mobility and flexibility.

Portable solar generators, unlike an outlet, can be moved to the item you want to charge or power. This makes it so you don’t have to start searching for extension cords or move everything to the outlet.

Solar generators also work no matter if the sun is out or not. This means that as long as your generator is charged you will have power.

Solar generators also work regardless of whether the sun is out. This means that as long as your generator is charged, you will have power.

Solar Backup Price Range Matters

People choose solar generators over other solar backup options is the price. Getting enough Powerwalls to power your entire home costs almost as much at the solar array.

When you purchase a solar generator, however, you are looking at a far more reasonable price. The price for a solar generator could be anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. The price depends on the energy capacity and type of battery the solar generator uses.

Go Solar Group’s Portable Solar Backup Option

There are many solar backup and battery backup options to choose from. Which one to purchase can be a tough decision. This is why Go Solar Group has done the research for you.

Go Solar Group has determined that Goal Zero’s Yeti is one of the best solar generators to date. The Yeti 3000 not only comes with the ability to charge more, but can also be controlled through the Goal Zero Yeti app.

What Go Solar Group’s Level Two Backup Power Entails

When you opt for Go Solar Group’s level two backup you get more than just a solar generator. You acquire both a solar powered outlet and a portable generator.

This option allows you to power your necessities during the day with the power form your solar panels. You can then continue powering essentials when the sun goes down with the Yeti. Although this won’t power your whole home, it allows you to keep your fridge and a few essentials running.

Different Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator Options

There are several different sizes of Yeti generators out there from which to choose. Goal Zero has everything from small 150 watt to 3,000-watt generators. Which one is best for you depends on your energy needs.

If you only need to charge a couple of small things, their 150-watt lead-acid battery may do the trick. However, if you are planning on powering home essentials, you will need at least a Yeti 1000 or Yeti 1400.. This will allow you to charge multiple devices a couple of times and keep your TV and Fridge running in an outage.

What Makes the Yeti 3000 Different from the Rest

Go Solar Group offers the Yeti 3000 with the Level two solar backup. This is because we want to make sure you have all the power you need to power your essentials without any worries.

The eponymous Yeti 3000 provides up to 3,000 watts of power. This means you can either power a large appliance for longer or divide the power more easily among several devices.

This generator uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries allow you to charge the battery more time before it will die, meaning you are paying for a generator that not only can power more, but will last longer too.

This Yeti model also has an improved dolly so you can more easily move it. The handle easily retracts back into the dolly and the wheels are more durable: Just one of many updates that have come with Goal Zero’s new and impressive solar product suite.

How to Use Go Solar Group’s Level 2 Solar Backup

Using Go Solar Group’s level two solar power backup is pretty easy. Once your solar array and solar outlet are installed you are ready to go.

In the event of an outage during the day, all you need to do is flip the switch by the solar outlet. After a couple of minutes the inverter will re-route solar current to the outlet.

If it is dark outside, you can easily use your Yeti to continue powering your essentials. It isn’t necessary to only use the Yeti when it is dark out, but it will prolong your power continuity.

You can turn the Yeti on and off directly on the generator or you can monitor and control it from the app. This means you can adjust how much power is being used from across the room or across the globe.

What Can Go Solar Group’s backup options do for you?


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