Solar Panels in Reno NV: Understanding the Investment

Solar Panels Reno NV
Solar panels in Reno NV

Finding solar panels in Reno NV for a straightforward price can be difficult, but that’s why we’ve written this post and provided you with a solar savings calculator on our home page.

It becomes even more difficult to find what you’re seeking if you are looking for the quotes immediately.  Although this may seem like a detriment to the process of going solar, it’s to your own benefit.

As a Reno solar installer, we commonly hear the following questions from solar prospects regarding quotes and pricing:

Why aren’t there more specific prices on your website?

Are you not listing the actual price because you don’t want to scare people away with the actual cost of going solar in Reno?

Do you not list solar cell prices because they are subject to change with tax incentives and rebates? 

The answer to these questions is a resounding ‘no,’ but each serves as an effective interlude to a notion that turns the perception of solar pricing upside-down: In most cases, the longer it takes to get a solar quote for your Reno home, the better it is for you.

If you get a quote from a Reno solar panel company quickly and without them conducting an in-person assessment, or knowing your energy consumption habits, the quote is not accurate. Sure, another solar vendor may be able to provide you with a ‘quote’ quicker than we can, but the quote doesn’t really exist in the way you’d like it to; it’s just an arbitrary number meant to squander questions and generate demand out of thin air.

Having rooftop solar installed on your home is a complex process that is made far simpler by solar installers, and the estimates for Reno solar panel quotes are part of this process. Although you have much less to consider as a solar prospect than the company installing your solar panels does, there’s a gamut of evaluations needed to ensure you get the biggest return on your solar investment as possible.

And, investment is the key term. This is just one of the many reasons going solar in Reno is an investment: from considering solar companies to having the panels installed and saving on the power bills, it takes time to undergo the solar process.

However, in the long run, you will be glad you let your Reno solar installer do their due diligence instead of trying to figure it out yourself. As much as the consumer in everyone would like solar panels (at least the ones worth buying) to be placed on the shelves at WalMart at a fixed price, that will likely never be the case, and although it seems like an inconvenience, remember, it’s to your benefit. 

Are the solar panel quote givers to blame? Not really. Although it may appear they are trying to sidestep the hard-to-have conversations regarding price, a solar assessment and a few other items are needed before being able to provide prospects with a true solar quote. Below is a step-by-step break down of these items, and how they impact the quote you’ll be able to get.

Solar Companies in Reno NV: Step 1 to Finding Reno Solar Panel Quotes: the Solar Assessment

Every solar install is unique, and the solar assessment sheds light on the role customization can play in having your system installed, from roof pitch to ground vs. roof mount solar.

This is the first step to discovering the possibilities of your customized solar array, primarily because no solar install is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Every home is unique, and the assessment shows why.

The solar assessment is the first step to understanding the more complex parts of how solar will work with your home, and what your array will ultimately end up looking like on your roof (if your home doesn’t need a ground mount install).

Along with providing visual insight into what solar will look like and how shading will impact your customized solution, this is the stage in the solar adoption process that opens the door to truly accurate Reno solar panel quotes.

If a solar provider is fair and efficient, they’ll provide the solar assessment for free, because residential solar providers that are worth installing with know they will do a solid enough job to get prospects on board with the plan, which gives them an opportunity to showcase what they know and sell you as the prospect.

This stage is also where the Reno solar installer will leverage a software like Aurora to verify their inclinations regarding roof pitch, shading, and number of modules needed for your rooftop.

Understanding Nevada Solar Power Incentives

Unless you’re going to pay for your solar investment with cash (90% of people don’t), getting a set of holistic Reno solar panel quotes requires understanding the financial programs, interest rates, and tax incentives that will affect pricing and determine not if, but when you will begin seeing large returns on investment.

If you can get on the program Go Solar Group offers in Reno, you will pay less than you would elsewhere. For more specific information on NV Energy Rebates, visit our Reno solar landing page. 

Step 3 to Getting the Best Reno Solar Panel Quotes: Observing the Install Team

This is the easiest part, but it can turn into a real pain if you haven’t chosen a full-service residential solar provider. Otherwise, this is where a lot of the work will begin, not end. If you want an in-depth explanation for what ‘full-service’ means in the solar context, listen to what Go Solar Group customer, Steve Cummings, says about us in his solar testimonial.

In addition to handling all the steps in the install, we consider full-service to be offering top-tier, 25-year warranties on panel production and maintenance, including any other services needed with the solar array post-install. When looking for Reno solar panel quotes, be sure to ask about post-install processes.

Once you’ve had your appointment scheduled with a solar consultant, you can leave the following items to the organization with whom you’ve decided to go solar:

Having your application to Reno and appropriate county submitted for solar permitting

If you have a full-service solar provider like Go Solar Group, you the solar permitting process is handled by your solar installer, removing an additional thing to worry about off your plate.

Installing the solar array on your Reno Home’s Rooftop

Do it yourself solar (DIY) at this point of the process is a bit like launching a DIY project to land on Mars. It’s just not going to work unless you’re Elon Musk, a master electrician, solar installer, or permitted to earn money for these services in Reno, which, as great as you are, probably isn’t the case.

Why Getting Quotes from Reno Solar Installers Can Sometimes be a Pain: Filling Out and Submitting Tax Credit Docs

Although we will handle this process, understanding the financial incentives for Reno residents can be helpful, especially after you’ve selected your vendor from one of the many Reno solar panel quotes offered. For more in-depth information on the tax credits and incentives specific to Reno, visit our Reno solar page.


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