The Amazing ROI of Solar Panels

9 Ways Going Solar Pays You Back

Tesla Powerwall on a home with solar panels
Adding solar panels to your home delivers the biggest return on investment (ROI) of any home improvement project.

Solar allows you to:

1.   Turn an investment of around $19,000 into over $100,000

2.   Get rid of your electric bill for zero down

3.   Immediately add over $18,000 of value to your home

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Plus, There is so Much More to Solar

Cost of gasoline

4. No More Gasoline

Gas is expensive and as time goes on the price seems to get higher. This, however, doesn’t need to be a problem for you. The right solar system can eliminate your electric bill. Get an electric car and it can also eliminate expensive visits to the gas station. (Save $1,500/year)

You can power both Hybrid and electric cars in the convenience of your home. The average electric vehicle needs around 30 kWh of electricity per 100 miles. In 2016 calculated that at 12 cents a kWh a person driving 15,000 miles a year will end up spending $540.

Although this is less than what you would end up paying for gasoline it is still a chunk of change. With a solar array calibrated to cover your yearly usage, you won’t have to worry about this expense.

Natural gas meter

5. No More Questar

Everyone wants to save money. Solar can not only save you money on your electric but also your gas bill. If your gas appliances are ready for replacement, swapping them out for electric versions eliminates your Questar bill. (Save $570/year)

Getting a new electric stove washer dryer and water heater will make your gas bill minuscule. When you decide to switch to electric appliances we suggest that you add solar panels. Your original solar array may account for your new electric appliances. Having the right amount of panels will help to offset your electric bills again.

Industry pollution from energy creation

6. A Greener Planet

When you go solar, you can feel good about preventing the equivalent of the pollution generatedby 30 years of driving a car. Pollution is a real concern. If we don’t do something about it nature will turn on us and we won’t be able to stop it.

Global warming is not a joke. The truth is that there are natural greenhouse gases emitted each year. Cars and refinery facilities, however, contribute to the problem.

29% of greenhouse gases per year come from coal conversion each year. Solar panels, on the other hand, don’t produce harmful emissions when they are in use.

Although Solar is a clean energy source there has been some controversy. There have been problems with the recycling of solar panels at the end of their life. As well as how to best take care of toxic waste when solar panels get manufactured. These are problems of a new technology that are being handled all over the world.

candle light

7. Be Prepared

One of the major selling points for Solar installations is preparedness. Even if you are just dealing with a couple of hours without power can be a struggle. If you have a larger event that lasts a couple of days then your food will start to go bad. With solar, you can run your refrigerator, freezer, and electronic devices even when the power is out. Go Solar provides battery backup with every system we install.

Not all photovoltaic systems work off the grid. You will need to make sure that they have this ability. If your solar array can’t connect to a backup source then it may get turned off in a power outage as a safety precaution. Go Solar provides emergency battery backup options with every system we install.

African child by kerosene container

8. Help The Poorest

You can change lives by giving the gift of electricity. For every solar energy system Go Solar installs, we provide solar to a family in Africa.

You can change lives by giving the gift of electricity.Go Solar Group first started as a humanitarian effort. Today we continue to reach out.  For every solar energy system Go Solar installs, we provide solar to a family in Africa. We feel that solar has the power to empower both those in third and first world countries.

Since  2009 we have made an impact in the lives of African citizens. 72% of the households we have helped get solar have stopped using kerosene lamps. These lamps are not only expensive for them to run, but they also produce black carbon. So far we helped improve 17,472 lives through our counterpart nonprofit, Go Solar International.

Holding a lightbulb

9. Own Your Electricity

The question comes down to wither you want to own your electricity or pay someone else for it your whole life? Wither you are looking for smaller payments or a good ROI Solar has a solution for you.

Leasing your panels allows you to stretch your money from one month to the next. This is because you are able to pay less per month for your power then you would to a traditional power company.

When you purchase your solar panels rather than lease, you will own both the system and the valuable electricity it produces. Go Solar Group has found that the best investment is in owning your panels not leasing them. When you buy solar you can pay in cash or get a loan. When you get a loan your monthly payments are close to what they were with your utility.

The difference is that after 12 to 15 years you no longer have any payments. Solar panels have a warranty for 25 years and have lasted even longer.  As a result, you get ten plus years of free energy. Now do the math on 10 years of monthly payments and tell us that extra money in your pocket doesn’t sound good to you.

Solar Pays Back (in so many ways)

Going solar is simple and inexpensive. To find out exactly how much an investment in solar will return to you, enter your information and we will send you your custom report.

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