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The Go Solar Group Experience

Your installation experience will come with commitments to safety, array aesthetics and utmost professionalism. You’ll be included from beginning-to-end by a team that is available for questions, concerns and a chance to “walk the system” before and after. Your purchase through Go Solar Group will help foster a relationship for life — our team will stay in contact for system additions, repairs and updates.

Red flags to look out for in a Utah solar installer

Team Member Credentials

Our number one goal is safety, so every Go Solar Group installation team member undergoes:

  • A thorough background check.
  • Periodic random drug screening.
  • The State of Utah certification.
  • OSHA 10 certification.
  • OSHA 30 certification.
  • NABCEP training.

Looking for a role in a professional installation environment? Take a look at our employee reviews on Glassdoor and send your resume to info@gosolargroup.com.

We Guarantee a Professional Solar Installation

Pre-Installation Check

Customer satisfaction runs deep through the Go Solar Group install teams, so before the system installation you’ll get to:

  • Verify the system design from our engineer.
  • Speak with the Install Team Lead to ask any remaining questions.
  • Walk through the system access points and specifics with the Team Lead.
  • Confirm satisfaction with system layout and aesthetics.

Solar Panel Installation

The installation process can be completed in a single workday and will include:

  • Floor coverings to prevent dirt and foot traffic debris
  • A 15-30 minute power outage
  • Attic access and potentially falling debris when removing access panel.
  • Loud noises from installation of roof truss and penetration.
  • Thorough cleaning once the job is completed.

Solar Array Aesthetics

Installing solar panels satisfies more than energy production. With German-engineered panels, you’ll lock in:

  • Modern, sleek, black solar panels and racking.
  • Curb appeal.
  • A home asset value increase of about 17 percent.

Post-Installation Check

After the solar panel array is completely installed, you’ll get to:

  • Walk the system with the Install Team Lead.
  • Learn about the commissioning of the inverter.
  • Go over the AC and DC disconnects  and when to turn them on.
  • Learn about your access points.
  • See the utility meter and receive utility company expectations.
  • Discuss the best time for the final inspection.

Damage Repair or Adding Panels

Every Go Solar Group solar panel has a 25-year production warranty. As a Go Solar customer you’ll benefit from:

  • A long-term relationship with our project management and installation teams.
  • A few conversations about your system in the first year.
  • Installation services for additional panels, should you decide you need more energy production.
  • Replacement products for faulty hardware or damaged panels.
  • Installation services for repairs or broken panels.

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