Leasing vs. Buying Solar Panels

How much does it cost to actually lease solar panels? More than you may think, and many of the costs are hidden.

Solar Lease vs Buy: Know the Difference in Benefits

Buying Solar Saves You 20 Percent or More Than Leasing

Purchasing solar panels guarantees:

  • Zero down loan or cash purchase
  • Fixed payment for only 12 years and free solar energy once paid off
  • Free solar energy for at least 85 percent of your yearly energy needs
  • At least 25 years of solar energy production — backed by a warranty
  • An increase in your property’s value
  • A property that will sell more quickly

Leasing solar panels means:

  • A 20-year solar contract that’s hard to transfer to a new owner
  • Extra panels and placement on your roof that you may not like
  • Free energy production for the company leasing you the panels
  • A fixed-rate for your energy usage until your contract ends (or is terminated)
  • No additional asset value increase for your property

Solar Savings Quote

Go Solar Group will qualify you for solar and create a free, no-obligation solar savings assessment in under 15 minutes. To see if you qualify, claim your quote.

Buying solar is cheaper because:

  • Cash purchases have a 5-to-7-year payoff
  • Go Solar Group offers 10 percent off for anyone who pays cash
  • A home equity loan can provide a low-interest rate (3-5 percent)
  • The solar panels are yours to own and sell as you choose
  • Solar PPA Problems
  • Go Solar Group has internal financing as low as 2.99 percent

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