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When it comes to solar PV emphasis is put on the quality of the solar panel. This is a determining factor, but the quality of racking is also important because it’s a major factor in the balance of system in residential solar. The balance of system can be considered to be anything that is not in the solar panels themselves, and it plays an important part in the effectiveness of your array.

Why Solar Panel Mounting Systems are Important

Without a quality mounting/racking system for the solar panels, nothing would be holding the solar modules in place. However, what type of mounting system you use is one of the most important factors to consider.

Different Solar Panel Mounting Types

There are several mounting types for solar arrays. However, the best way to mount solar panels depends on the type of installation.

Racking for Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are not common for residential installs. However, homes with flat roofs present a unique opportunity.

Traditional slanted roofs require securing the racking system on to the roof. Leaking is not usual for solar roof installs. However, it is even less likely that leaks will occur when there is no roof penetration.

Homes with flat roofs typically use ballasted mounting systems. These are racking systems angled for optimal sunlight. They are held down with weights. These weights are usually concrete blocks firmly holding the mount in place.

Mounting Solar in the Backyard

Sometimes homes aren’t a good fit for solar. When this is the case it is sensible to consider putting solar in your backyard.

There are two different mounting types that are typically used for residential backyard solar. These include ground mounts and pole mounts.

A ground mount uses several secured poles to hold the racking system in place. Pole mounts use one large pole to hold up the racking system and solar array.

Mounting for Roof Systems

Roof systems have a racking system drilled into the roof of the home. These are the most common racking systems for residential installations. This is because it is the cheapest and the best use of space for a pitched roof.

Go Solar Group’s Mounting Racks

Go Solar Group uses two main racking brands for its installations. However, which brand and racking type used depends on the design of the system.

Everest Racking and Roof Mounts

Go Solar Group uses Everest Racking for most of its residential installs. This racking company has a variety of racking options for different roof types. Quality products and racking attachments make it possible to match the home’s roof type with the optimal racking option.

Iron Ridge and Ground Mounts

Iron Ridge racking is currently used by Go Solar Group for ground mounts. These mounts don’t require drilling, welding, or heavy machinery, making them an economical choice. However, this doesn’t mean they are cheaply made.

These ground mounts are engineered with aluminum and steel to meet the challenges of year-long outdoor use. They meet the UL 2703 standard and are engineer-approved.

Making sure that your solar panels are secure is essential to a quality installation. No matter what type of install you need, Go Solar Group has your back.

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