Every state is unique. That's why the solar savings in each state are also going to be unique. To help make your journey to solar as painless as possible, we have constructed solar savings calculators for each of the major markets. Click on your state below to learn more!

New Mexico is one of the best states for solar in America. With a good climate and a wide range of incentives, you can save even more with solar.

The Silver State has many incentives that factor in to your potential savings. Click the link above to learn more about Nevada-specific solar savings.

Go Solar's home state of Utah has many attractive features for solar. To learn more about going solar in the mountains, click the links above.

Texas is the home of oil, but it can be the home of solar energy, too. More and more Texans are going solar. To help residents of the Lone Star State learn more about the savings of solar, we put together a solar calculator.

Solar Calculator & Savings Facts

If you want to know more about the process of building a solar calculator, what goes into one, and why some solar calculators aren't worth using, then look no further than the links we've collected below.

Solar Savings Calculators for Businesses

Most solar calculators are constructed for residential buildings. However, that doesn't mean that you can't go solar in your business as well. Nevadan and Utahan business owners should look at the calculators below.

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