Secure Power Supply (SPS)

Run power through your home when the grid is down.

Never let a set of fresh groceries spoil again.

Own your electricity, achieve energy independence.

Live a more em-powered life.

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Inverter And Secure Power Supply Walk-Through Video

Rely on the Sun, Not the Power Company

Sometimes losing power really costs you. Like when all the food in your freezer warms up and spoils. When we install our Secure Power Supply, you can rest assured that your ice will stay chilled and your other key circuits running by harnessing the power of the sun! The good news is that there are affordable solar backup options for solar customers. The most economical solution is getting a secure power supply (SPS). With SPS you can use your solar panels to power your necessities when the grid is down and the power is out.

solar inverter walk-through

Get a Secure Power Supply with Your System

We offer the Secure Power Supply, as well as other backup options, with our professionally installed solar panel systems.

Secure Power Supply - Have Backup Available When the Grid Goes Down

With our professionally installed Secure Power Supply (SPS), you don’t have to worry when the power goes out and the grid goes down. You’re covered as long as the sun still shines and you’ve taken your home solar with us. Contrary to popular belief a solar array, on its own, will not protect you when the grid goes down. This is due to customers using the grid to compensate for energy needs when the sun isn’t available. When there are grid issues everything connected has to be shut down. So although, the power may have gone out during the day, the power in your solar-powered home will still get shut off. With secure power supply, you can:

  • Keep your fridge running and your groceries from spoiling in the heat when there’s a power outage (extension cable recommended)
  • Receive up to 2000 watts of power from the outlet installed near your inverter
  • Get 95 watts of power through the outlet hooked up to the secure power supply all at once
  • Draw power from your solar panels even though/when the grid is down

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