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San Antonio Solar Loves GVEC Programs, Here's Why

Solar options get determined by your utility provider. Most individuals in San Antonio use CPS Energy. There are some on the outskirts of town, however, that use different energy providers. GVEC is one of these providers.  

GVEC 2018 Rebates: Solar And More

GVEC has several rebates in place to help their customers conserve energy. Energy conserving rebates help you save in more ways than one.

GVEC Solar Screen E-Windows And Film Rebate

For those that want to keep their home cool getting a solar screen is a great solution. If you follow GVEC requirements you can get $0.50 off per square foot of window for solar screens or window film. You can get $2 per square foot of window opening if you get energy efficient windows.

 Solar Screen And Film Requirements

All window treatments getting the rebate need to be in air-conditioned areas of the home. If you want the credit a licensed contractor needs to install them.

Solar screens need to block a minimum of 70 percent of heat gain. Films need to block a minimum of 40 percent.

Energy Efficient Window Requirements

As stated above you need a licensed contractor to install the windows. And you can’t get the rebate for windows that aren’t in an air-conditioned area of your home such as the garage. You also need a window that has at least 40 percent U-factor and prevents at least 27 percent of heat gain.

GVEC Thermostat Rebate: Nest

Getting a smart thermostat helps reduce your energy bill by minimizing energy use. Smart thermostats accomplish this by allowing you to choose energy efficient thermostat settings.

URCOT takes care of the power lines throughout most of Texas. To help pay for maintenance they charge a primetime electric transmission fee. GVEC’s large transmission fee solution is their new Rush Hour Rewards Program.

Rush Hour Rewards Program

Those who enroll in the Rush Hour Rewards Program get a rebate of $85 for signing up.  On top of this, they get a $30 credit for each summer they participate.

GVEC will pre-cool your home so your air conditioner can be off during the URCOT peak event. If you want to sign up for this program you need to either already have a Nest smart thermostat or get one.

GVEC Solar Rebates

You can get a solar rebate on top of the rate GVEC pays for your excess energy. For GVEC this incentive is $ 0.75 per watt that your solar array can produce.

If this rebate ends up being less than $1,501 you will get the amount credited to your bill. If your rebate ends up being over this amount you will receive it in the mail.

GVEC Solar Rebate Requirements

In order to get a rebate for your solar array, you need to make sure that you meet GVEC requirements. First off you need to be a GVEC customer in order to receive their rebates.

GVEC customers can get up to 20 kilowatts of solar. If you need a system above this amount it needs to be pre-approved by GVEC.

GVEC customers need to purchase their solar array to get the rebate. You cannot enter into a PPA or other form of leasing program if they want the rebate.

All installations need licensed contractors to complete them. All panels require a minimum 1-year installer warranty. They also require 20-year panel manufacturer warranty and 5-year inverter manufacturer warranty.

If the system gets removed before five years the GVEC customer will get billed a portion of the rebate. If you remove the panels after one year you get billed 80 percent. This will decrease by 20 percent until you have reached 5 years.  

GVEC Solar Metering Agreement

Every customer that gets solar needs an interconnection agreement with their electric provider. This is because backup options that will power your entire home are not economical.

With solar, you get your power from the sun during the day. Your power at night, however, comes through your current electric provider. The cost of your energy use at night is offset by the excess energy that your solar array has produced during the day.

This offset, however, gets determined by your interconnection agreement. Through GVEC solar customers get credited at the current GVEC renewable energy rate. If your system is correctly sized these credits cover most or all of your night usage.

GVEC Roofless Solar

For those that don’t have the right home type roofless solar programs have given them more options. With this system, people are able to buy into a solar array that is offsite. In exchange the offsite array powers you and other homes in the area that have opted in.

There are four different community solar models out there. These models include utility run, solar facility systems, joint business enterprises, and non-profits.

Each offsite system works in similar ways. Customers get credited for their purchased share of solar power. This credit is then applied to their electric bill.

GVEC Community solar program: SunHub

In 2017 GVEC started a community solar program called Sun Hub. Sun Hub gives customers the option to support solar by purchasing up to five blocks of energy each month. Each block is equivalent to 100 kWh.

This means that you can purchase up to 500 kWh of solar energy each month. GVEC estimates that their SunHub customers pay $3 more per month than they normally would.

For those that don’t have the right home or that don’t own their home, this is a great way to support renewables. However, if you do qualify for rooftop solar you are missing out on savings by taking this route.

If you want to find out if your home is a good fit for solar you can fill out our forum for solar panels for homes in San Antonio. From there, our solar representatives will reach out to you to help you determine if your home is a good fit.

GVEC Solar Installers

Which utility company you currently have determines which solar installers you can get. If you want solar it is in your best interest to qualify for the programs created to make solar economical.

GVEC Home: Solar program

One option for GVEC customers is getting solar through the Utility solar program. Their solar installation program is GVEC Home.

Through GVEC Home you can go through the entire solar installation process. They promise quality and 10-year service warranties with all their systems. Because GVEC has installed the system there is also no question about if you will get your rebates.

Cons Of Getting Solar in Your Home Through GVEC

Through GVEC Home most customers only get 4kW systems. For a typical home in Texas, this covers about a third of monthly consumption.  

GVEC Home also doesn’t offer affordable solar backup solutions. This means that during a power outage your home will not get protected. You, however, could have power if you had some form of solar backup.  

GVEC Approved Installers

The beauty of GVEC, however, is that they don’t require their customers to use their solar services. You can get the same solar incentives as long as you own the solar array and have it installed by a licensed contractor.

This means that you have the ability to hunt for the best deal. Getting multiple bids will help you determine what is important and where to get the best deal in your area. If quality products and backup options are important to you Go Solar Group may be what you are looking for.

After filling out our solar panels San Antonio cost forum we can show your possible savings. If you want to learn more our solar representative can set you up with a no-obligation appointment.

In this appointment, one of our solar consultants will help answer your questions. They also go over what our bid entails so you can better compare it to the competition.


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