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So, is Solar Worth it in San Antonio?

Solar calculators help customers determine the estimated cost of solar. If used correctly these calculators can launch your solar adventure.

Types of Free San Antonio Solar Savings Calculators

Not all solar calculators use the same factors to calculate savings. In fact, most solar calculators use different matrix and so it is hard to completely trust what they say. To better understand solar calculators we are going to go over a couple of the main ones.

Google Solar Calculator: Project Sunroof

Google created a solar calculator in 2015 that many now look at before they see anything else. This tool helps people see if solar is a viable option for their home.

Google estimates are figures based on average pricing for a system leased for 20 years. These numbers are then compared to your local electric provider. There are a couple of issues with this metric.

First, leasing is not the only option for solar and is actually the most expensive option in the long run. Second, the brand and type of panels, inverter, and other materials affect prices.

One cool feature that the google calculator does have is its shading tech. This allows you to see how much of your roof can use solar panels. Again this is a tool for those that are starting to look into solar. If your home has shading issues a solar professional may be able to help you find a solution.  

PV Watts Calculator

The PV Watts Calculator uses the solar resource data from NREL to calculate your peak sun hours. These are the hours of the day that you will get the most production from your solar array.

After it calculates your peak hours it converts these hours into watts of energy produced by the panel. This gives a better idea of how efficient your array would be.

There are variables that aren't factored for in the PV Watts calculator. One is that solar panels absorb solar rays throughout the day not only when the sun is highest in the sky.  

Another is that not all solar arrays have the same efficiency. How many solar panels you have and the type of solar panel you use will also change your energy production.

kWh Solar Panels vs Monthly Bill Calculators

Some calculators use an average monthly bill. Others use average monthly energy use. Both of these calculations can be useful, but not on their own.

Uses For A kWh Solar Panel Calculator

If you are using a kWh solar calculator you are being told how many watts of energy your solar panels will produce. A kWh solar calculator does not, however, take into account how much it costs for your power.  Nor does it calculate how much energy you use at night compared to energy credited during the day.

How To Use A Monthly Bill Solar Calculator for Your San Antonio Home

Unlike kWh calculators, an average monthly bill calculator can calculate estimated savings. It will not help you though if you don't have the same utility calibrated for the calculator. This is because not every utility has the same policies and rates.

Commercial Solar Panel vs Residential Solar Power Calculators

Both commercial and residential calculators will help you determine savings. But you can not use one calculator to estimate the savings of another.  This is because utility rates are different for commercial and residential customers.

San Antonio, Texas Residential Calculator

CPS Energy rates were last updated on their website in 2014. Their latest posted rate schedule charged residential customers base rates of $0.0691 a kWh. This is equal to 1,000 watts. Residential rates then changed to $0.01 per kWh for anything over  600 kilowatts in a month or 600,000 watts.

Texas Commercial Calculator

Commercial customers are always given a different rate than residential customers. This is because they need more energy to function. CPS has different rate schedules for their commercial customers which are dependant on the organization's electric load each month.

Solar Return on Investment For Texas

Most invest in home improvements because they see a benefit to them. Often home improvements either increase the home’s value or create savings elsewhere. The addition of solar to your home provides both.

Solar Installation Affect on Texas Home Prices

Home prices fluctuate depending on factors within our community and state. If you have a home with updates it will sell better than the surrounding homes. If the surrounding homes have similar updates, your home will sell for even more.

Solar is no exception to the rule. If you own a solar array your home is far more likely to sale. This is especially true if you are selling to a community that values saving money or helping the environment.  If you live in a neighborhood that already has homes with solar, your home will sell for even more.

How Texas Solar Saves Money

Although it is great that the value of homes increases with solar this may not mean much if you aren't moving. Solar, however, has other financial benefits that are worth looking into.

One of the major reasons for getting solar is that people who get solar pay less for their electricity. This is because solar panels give you power during the day. The utility then credits your excess power to your account which pays for the energy you use at night.

Over the life of a solar array, you will end up saving thousands of dollars. These savings are made possible with the federal solar tax credit. This tax credit covers 30 percent of your solar array.

Average Payback Period For Solar Panels In San Antonio, Texas

The payback period is the amount of time it takes for the panels to pay for themselves. States with shorter payback times have three things in common.

They have state solar incentives, a renewable credit trading system, and high utility prices. Solar, however, is still a good option for people that only have one or two of these things in their state.

Texas has an average 12 year payback period. This is dependent on whether you leased, got a loan, or paid cash for your array.

Leased panels don’t save customers as much money. They also cause problems when selling the home. It is for this reason that Go Solar Group does not offer a leasing option for their solar arrays.

When you get a solar array with Go Solar Group they offer benefits that other companies don't. These benefits help others and protect you.

Getting Solar And Giving Solar Through Go Solar International

Go Solar Group actually started in Africa as a company developed to help people in Africa. Go Solar Group International helps families and schools in Africa get solar products.

For every array Go Solar Group install in the United States we fund microloans in Africa. These loans help them get solar products that save them money and decrease black carbon emissions.

Solar Backup Options For Every Solar Customer

When Go Solar Group first started they found that most solar companies didn’t offer solar backup. This meant that solar customers were facing power outages with everyone else. This is because your solar array is disconnected when an outage occurs so no one gets hurt when they go to fix the issue.

Many solar companies advertise that solar prevents customers from experiencing outages, but this is only the case if you have a solar backup. To help create more security Go Solar Group offers four different levels of solar backup.  

Solar energy rebates help solar customers get more out of their solar purchase. Some States require their utilities to pay fines when they don't reach their goals.

These fines encourage utilities to incentivize their solar customers. In exchange, the solar customer gives the utility their renewable energy credits.

Texas is not as aggressive as some states and therefore not all utilities have solar rebates. Texas does, however, have a tax exemption for those that choose to get solar.

Texas Solar Property Tax Exemption

Solar increases the value of your home which also increases the property taxes owed. In Texas, however, things are a little different.

Texans that get solar can get a solar property tax exemption. This excludes the added value of solar from your property taxes each year.

Free Solar Panels In San Antonio

False advertising leads many to believe that they can get solar for free. Most of the time these are actually leased solar arrays advertised as free. These customers don’t pay for the array on their roof, but they do pay for the solar power that they use.

For those in San Antonio CPS Energy has a similar program that they call solar hosting. Unlike leasing these customers don’t pay for solar power. Instead, they get a discount on their electricity in exchange for allowing the power company to use their home.

This is a pilot program that has reached capacity. Until tested no one else will be admitted into the program.

Knowing the basics of how your solar calculator comes up with numbers will give you an idea of its accuracy. You can then continue from there.

How Go Solar Group’s San Antonio Solar Estimator Works

There isn’t a free solar calculator that will take into account all the variables that go into a solar installation. So, what is calculated in the Go Solar Group solar calculator estimate?

The Go Solar Group calculator uses your average monthly power costs to calculate how much you could save. Our solar calculator determines savings based on your estimate and therefore will not be accurate.

Because we don’t lease solar we only give saving comparisons between our cash option and our solar loan. Our financing partners can get you a rate as low as 2.99 percent.

Our Texas solar calculator pricing is dependent on product prices. In Texas we have partnered with, Mission Solar, a San Antonio based panel manufacturer.

How To Use A Solar Calculator

No matter which solar calculator you are using it is important to remember that these estimates are a starting point. Using a solar calculator gets your foot in the door so you know what you're getting yourself into. Once you have done this it is time to get serious.

Set Expectations for Your San Antonio Solar Quote Comparison

Once you have determined a price point you will be able to better determine a good deal from a bad one. Individuals interested in solar should get several quotes. This will help you to decide which company is going to best meet your needs.

Does San Antonio Need a Solar Savings Calculator?

The truth is no one needs a solar calculator. This is because solar calculators were never meant to give an exact bid.

They allow consumers to see the benefits of solar and reach out to their local installer for details. Regardless of whether you look at a calculator, the evidence is there plain and clear.

Solar panels are saving people money left and right. No matter which electric provider you have electric prices will continue to rise.  When you purchase a solar array, however, you don’t have to worry about inflation.

Your purchase is a 30 to 40-year investment warrantied for the first 25 years. After your solar array is purchased all you need to worry about is a small grid connection fee.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In San Antonio, TX?

Texas is a prime spot for solar installations. This is because Texas gets between 8 and 4.5 hours of peak sun per day. San Antonio averages between 6 and 5 hours a day which is pretty darn good. The amount of sunshine in the state is a huge factor to panel productivity.

Another factor that lends to solar being a good option for Texans is the metering policy of their utility. Those that are with CPS Utility or GVEC can get into solar incentive programs and net metering.

Wither Solar is worth the purchase, however, has a lot to do with your situation. People that don’t use a whole lot of energy or that are on a fixed income may not see solar as a wise investment. Go Solar Group's goal is to educate the public on this energy option. By talking to one of Go Solar Group’s appointment setters you can find out if solar is a good fit for you

Many Texans turn toward solar calculators to gauge their system costs. People who only want the cost may be able to get what they need from this tool, but if you are actually interested in solar you will want to take a deeper look. Solar calculators are meant to give a very basic idea of what solar would cost. There are many factors that aren't taken into account in a solar calculator.

Is solar worth it in San Antonio? As the calculator above demonstrates, the answer is a resounding 'yes.' This is especially true given the fact that the calculator above is programmed to give San Antonio homeowners a conservative estimate. To get the exact figure on dollars earned in savings, you'll have to speak with one of our expert solar consultants, get a complimentary solar quote, and let us provide you with a customized, no-cost solar impact assessment. This assessment will be able to determine factors that the calculator above cannot, such as azimuth, roof pitch, and more.

What Does this San Antonio Solar Estimator Tool Use to Give Me the Above Numbers?

This solar estimator tool takes the avg cost of high quality German-engineered solar panels based on area and factors in the savings you'll get based on methods of payment (cash and a three-pronged loan system). The calculator also factors in electrical bills to make an estimate.

Avoid Rudimentary Solar Savings Tools Used to Price Complicated Factors

Solar calculators normally use basic tools to give a rough estimate. If you wanted an accurate quote you would need to give more information than what state your home is in and your average power bill. Some solar calculators claim they can give you a valid quote based off of basic tools. Although they can provide a ballpark, there are many factors that these calculators don’t account for, and many of the factors they do account for are fundamentally deceptive.

What is Needed to Create an Accurate San Antonio Solar Savings Estimate?

To get a realistic price, you need to take into account several factors. These range from specifics regarding the area you want to put your panels on to the amount of energy that you use each month. Where you live plays a big roll in what needs to go into your system. When a proposal for your home is accurately put together the exact latitude and longitude of your home is used to pull up a weather file for your home.

This file shows the typical radiation of your area so they can assess how productive your panels are going to be. The set up of your solar system design can make a huge difference in its size and price. Getting one system set up has several variables. Additionally, when you get a solar quote they look at the direct current power rating of the array, the ratio of your inverter AC-rated size to the array’s DC rated size and how efficient the inverter is, all of which are factors that an online solar calculator can't determine.

They also take into account Azimuth, which determines the array’s orientation with respect to a line perpendicular to the equator, and the tilt of your array type. Losses to your panel productivity also need to be factored into the equation when sizing your residential solar system.

Some Other San Antonio Solar Savings Calculator Told me I Could Save Me More. So, What Gives?

Unfortunately, many 'is solar worth it calculator' producers use some tricks that essentially lie to solar prospects about savings, making you believe that Google Maps and other rudimentary tools can estimate solar savings according to highly complex determinants like azimuth and roof pitch.

However, this simply is not the case, and many of the people who've programmed those calculators use formulas that are far too generous to be entirely honest. It is possible that another calculator is programmed honestly and gives San Antonio residents a higher savings estimate than ours, but that boils down to panel quality.

An honest how-much-can-solar-power-save-you calculator programmed to account for Chinese-imported solar panels may give you a greater savings estimate, but the quality of the solar panels is nowhere near the quality of the German-engineered product we offer.

So, although those calculators may give you bigger savings estimates, they don't take panel production into account, which will make a greater volume of savings apparent once you complete our complimentary solar savings estimate. Not all solar calculators are created equal. You will want to make sure you know what the calculator uses to assess your costs and savings.

An In-depth Analysis of Solar Panels for Home Costs in San Antonio

System costs will also vary depending on the type of equipment installed and the cost of permits and new grid interconnection agreements in your area. You can’t cut corners when it comes to getting permits and grid agreements, so if this cost is lower, it is most likely because they are using cheaper equipment. You will want to make sure their products meet your standards before they are installed.


No matter what system you get, it is going to lose efficiency over time, as is the case with all forms of electrical equipment. Some systems, however, will degrade faster than others, which will affect your total net savings over the 30 to 40-year duration of the panels' lives.

Financial Parameters

The type of payment method you choose will affect how much you end up paying. If you are getting a loan, the term, rate, and principle of that loan all matter and are different for each company. Your access to these various financial programs will still hinge on your credit score, though. It's not just determined by the company from who you are buying solar.

San Antonio Electricity Rates

Each solar company has a different rate structure for the energy that their customers use. Once a savings analysis is conducted and put together, the average rate of your particular power company is used to calculate how much you will ultimately save.

Electric Load (Usage)

How much energy you use correlates to the solar panels system size needed. How much energy you use depends on how many large electrical appliances you have and how often they are used, which is largely influenced by number of occupants in your home and their power usage patterns.

What Goes Into Go Solar Group’s San Antonio Solar Savings Calculator?

When you look at our calculations, you need to take into account what we are comparing. Our solar calculator is specific to the products that we use and should not be used as a base price for any other company, especially since our product is of the highest quality.

San Antonio Solar Savings Estimates

The price for solar varies slightly depending on where you live. We give price estimates for San Antonio because this is one the areas that we service, and, therefore, the other factors are not necessarily applicable in other geographic locales.

San Antonio Electrical Bills

We show you estimated savings based on and according to your average monthly power bill. As stated above, this is not the most accurate measurement of energy use, so you should take this into account when searching for an actual San Antonio solar bid.

Three Financing Options vs. Cash

There are three different loan options for which our calculator gives basic estimates. What loan and rate you are able to receive depends on your credit and debt-to-income ratio. If you are planning on paying for your system with cash, but received it from a different loan source, you must account for that loan rate and term.

How To Use a Solar Calculator

There isn’t a single solar calculator that can fully provide exact cost or savings of your system. Even if the technology and metrics of these calculators were perfect, they would still be incapable of accounting for variables in electrical usage for each home. That's why these calculations are meant to give you a better idea so you know what to expect. Solar calculators are best used as a starting price point.

When you get a quote from a solar calculator, don’t take it as gospel. As stated above, your actual cost for your specific system has quite a few more factors involved and so it will be off. Never trust a quote from a solar calculator that is higher than the actual estimate brought to you at the point of in-person assessment. This is usually a sign of fundamentally deceptive number-tweaking.

Set Expectations for San Antonio Solar Quote Comparison

Once you've used our solar calculator, you know what price range to expect from your solar quotes. Getting several quotes is an excellent way to know for sure that you are getting the best deal that fits your needs, and the solar savings calculator we've provided above is an honest reference tool for whether you're on track with the quotes with which numerous solar installers in San Antonio provide you.

The ROI of Rooftop Solar Panels in the Greater San Antonio Area

When you get solar for your home, you can count on a significant return on investment. You are paying less for your energy long-term than you would be through a traditional power company. Secondly, the installation of a quality solar system increases the value of your home by as much as 3-5%, which is no small chunk of change with a larger and more expensive home.

When All Is Said and Done, Does San Antonio Need a Solar Savings Calculator?

No one needs a calculator; solar saves you money. You still have to pay a connection fee to your local power company, but it's low enough to not be a bother. If you're going through Rocky Mountain Power, some pay $9/month for their connection, use A/C all day, multiple TVs, computers, appliances, etc. and pay nothing for actual electric usage. If your system is large enough to create excess, which is credited by the power company, and you can draw from those in the winter when  your solar panels are covered by snow, then you're set to go.

Some simple math will help you see your loan costs near the same as your current electrical usage, but that doesn't account for inflation. Electricity prices will continue to rise over the years as its production methods increase in scarcity, but your loan terms will stay the same. If you pay $200 for solar panels and use about $200 currently on a power bill, your savings will come in a year or two down the road when your price would've been $220, then $240, then up and up and up with no end to the hikes in sight. View your San Antonio solar investment as a hedge against inflation, and it almost seems irresponsible to not go solar.

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