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Solar Electric Texas Comparison

Texas is full of solar companies asking for your time and money. To help you sift through your options, Go Solar Group has compiled a list of important solar aspects. This comparison looks at Solar Electric Texas.

Google and BBB Ratings

For many, initial comparisons are done by looking at customer ratings. Although there are many review sites Google and the BBB are used most frequently.

Go Solar Group: Google Reviews and BBB Ratings

Go Solar Group has a 3.8 rating out of 29 reviews as of March 1st, 2019. Of these reviews, only eight were under three stars.

On the Better Business Bureau, Go Solar Group has an A+ rating. They have been accredited since 2014 and have five stars out of eight customer reviews.

Solar Electric Texas: Google Reviews and BBB Ratings

As of March 1, 2019, Solar Electric Texas has 4.5 stars out of 25 reviews. Three of these ratings were below three stars.

The BBB has given Solar Electric Texas an A+ rating. They have been accredited since 2016 and have five stars from one review.

Humanitarian Cause

One of the best parts about solar is that you are giving back to the community and improving air quality. Some solar companies, however, have taken this philanthropic energy a step further and support other good causes.

Go Solar Group’s Charity Partner

One of the things that set Go Solar Group apart from the competition is its humanitarian roots. Go Solar Group started out as an effort to help relieve energy poverty and it continues to do so today.

Go Solar Group finances micro-loans to Africans in need through their charity, 1heart1mind. These loans have allowed many Kerosene lamps to be replaced with solar products.

Charity Work and Solar Electric Texas

Solar Electric does not have a charity that it currently is supporting.

Solar Product Comparison

The quality of products that a solar company carries often correlates with the overall price. Taking a look at what products are offered will help you determine quality.

Go Solar Group Product Line-up

Solar Panels

Go Solar Group used Axitec 315-watt mono-crystalline panels. These panels have an 18.44 percent efficiency rating. They also have a degradation of 3 percent the first year and 0.5 percent afterward.


Go Solar Group carries Solar Edge Inverters. The Solar Edge is a string inverter with optimizers.

Solar Backup

Go Solar Group has three tiers or levels of solar backup.

Level 1: portable battery backup

Level 2: Increased storage capacity with Tanks

Level 3: Tesla Powerwall home battery

Solar Electric Texas Products

Solar Panels

Solar Electric Texas used both Mission and Hyundai solar panels.


Like Go Solar Group Solar Electric Texas used the Solar Edge inverter.

Solar Backup

For those that would like backup, Solar Electric Texas has both Tesla and Sonnen batteries.

Company Services

Go Solar Group Services

Go Solar Group helps all our customers from start to finish. If, for some reason, there is a problem after installation, we can help fix the issue.

Solar Electric Texas Services

Solar Electric Texas is also a full-service solar company. They provide cleaning, repairs and maintenance services for solar panels.


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