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San Antonio Solar Incentives
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San Antonio Solar Rebates with CPS

Rebates for San Antonio residents make solar an affordable option. In Texas, there aren’t any state rebates. Residents only have federal and utility rebates to help them out.

Texans can still benefit from the savings from the federal solar tax credit. However, the absence of state incentives means residents depend more on utility rates. 

Regulated utilities that don’t support solar create an uphill battle for interested customers. Thankfully, not all regulated utilities have solar-prohibitive policies. 

CPS is a solar advocate. Let’s consider some of its solar-related programs.

CPS Solar Rebate Caps

CPS has a solar rebate program. This program started with tranche 1.

Tranche 1 offered solar customers up to $1.20 per watt of energy their system could produce. Each year a new cap and customer incentives are determined.

2019 Launch of CPS Solar Rebate Cap

The latest funding update to the solar rebate program occurred in June 2019. Residential CPS customers can now receive up to $2,500 per install. If they use local solar panels, they can get an additional $500. This rebate is decreased by 75 percent if the customer uses a non-local installer. 

To get this funding, the customer has to qualify for it. The individual first needs to be a CPS customer. They also need to own their solar array or have the owner’s permission to participate. They also need to install over 1 kW of solar power on a permanent, non-mobile structure.

CPS Energy Smart Meters

As part of CPS Energy’s smart grid program, CPS offers smart meters. Since 2014, CPS has worked to convert customers’ analog meters to smart meters. 

CPS installs smart meters at no extra cost to the customer. Unfortunately, there are some downfalls to smart meters. First, they don’t last as long, and second, they use energy to run.

Each smart meter has constant communication between the meter, customer, and CPS. CPS Energy feels that having smart meters will help it prevent long power outages from occurring. 

Smart meters also cut the cost of reading meters and allow customers to see their day-to-day power usage. These meters, however, will not show energy consumption origin. If customers want to know what draws power in their home, they need a home energy measurement system. 

As of right now, CPS customers can pay to have their smart meter exchanged back to an analog meter. Analog metered customers also pay a monthly fee. These fees cover the cost of having someone come out and read the meter.

CPS Free Solar Panels: Solar Host SA

CPS has a solar hosting program that allows individuals to enjoy solar. This program credits customers $0.03 per watt for solar power produced over 20 years.

This discount decreases the customer’s monthly power bill by 20 to 30 percent. It also gives others who can’t install solar the option to purchase solar power.

Difference Between Solar Hosting and a Solar Purchase

When an individual purchases a solar array, they pay upfront at a discounted rate. If the system is the accurate size, it should only have a monthly connection fee once paid off. Because solar arrays save customers thousands of dollars, this purchase is a no-brainer.

Another reason to consider purchasing solar, rather than leasing it from CPS, is the tax credits involved. Unlike a purchased system, people who get leased systems don’t qualify for the federal tax credit. 

The new owner will get the same discount on their energy bill until the 20-year program is complete. However, unlike owned solar, the panels will not increase the home’s value because the homeowner doesn’t own them.

San Antonio Can Save Money With CPS Solar Calculators

CPS also has energy calculators. These calculators estimate the energy used by different types of appliances. They show how much money decreasing appliance use could save.

Individuals can boost their savings by increasing their energy awareness. Considering the use frequency of large energy-consuming appliances will impact the power bill at the end of the month.

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We also use German-engineered panels. Our Axitec panels are high-quality monocrystalline, which have been tried and tested to withstand extreme conditions.  

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