Solar Product Comparisons

Learn about all the solar products and their comparison points on this page, from solar modules to battery backup, monitoring, and more. Get the objective comparisons on each product category so you can make an informed purchase decision on each solar product that works best for your home. If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, see our product comparison blogs, which covers comparisons between batteries, modules, and more.

Portable solar panels are great for energy-efficient, active lifestyles, and work great with portable battery backup for camping trips, outings in the park, or anywhere else you need energy while on the move. Learn how you can bring solar full-circle from your residential solar system to your batteries by comparing these portable module options. 

Portable battery backup is much like its built-in counterpart when it comes to solar. However, while these options can be charged with your home's solar panels, they can also be used on camping trips and in parks to power your devices.   

Battery backup can be portable or built-in to your home. Solar battery backup allows homeowners to store more of their excess solar power generated from their modules for use at a later date, ensuring they don't lose pennies on the dollar for exporting it back onto the grid for the utility company. 

Solar panels are the main component to any residential solar system. Compare modules based on price, warranty, efficiency, durability, composition, and more at this page made just for homeowners like you.

Tired of self-promoting product pages all over the internet, which are written for no reason other than to get the solar company more money? Look no further than this page for objective analysis about the array of products made available to homeowners interested in solar throughout the United States, from our product suite to ones that may work better for you made by other companies.

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