Goal Zero Boulder v. Jackery SolarSaga: Portable Modules

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons
Jackery vs. goal zero solar panels

While Go Solar Group is first and foremost a residential solar company, it also offers the Goal Zero Boulder, a portable solar panel, as part of its battery backup package options. However, Goal Zero isn’t the only provider of portable solar panels. In this post, discover the difference between Goal Zero’s and Jackery’s 200-watt portable solar panel.

The Difference in Solar Panel Materials

While these solar panels both use monocrystalline solar cells and are rated for 200 watts, they use different materials. These materials make the overall weight and size of these panels different from each other.

Jackery SolarSaga Materials

SolarSaga uses ETFE, a durable plastic, instead of glass to protect the solar cells. It also has three lightweight legs that support the panels. These light materials allow these panels to come in at a weight of 18.3 lbs, making carrying these panels long distances easy. However, they also make it easy for the wind to tip them over.

The materials used to make the solar panels produce a thin solar panel at 1 inch thick. However, the total size of the portable solar panel is 21.3 x 92.7 x 1 in. when unfolded, meaning it needs at least 7.7 ft. of space.

Goal Zero Boulder Materials

The Goal Zero Boulder uses glass and a metal frame to protect its monocrystalline cells. They also use a sturdy metal kickstand, so the panels can securely stay in place. However, these heavier materials make this portable solar panel 42 lbs, making it less than ideal for portability.

While these solar panels are heavy, they don’t take up much room. When unfolded, this portable solar panel takes up 40 x 53.5 x 1.75 in, equaling at least 4.4 ft. of unshaded space.

Best Situation for Each Solar Panel

While both of these panels use monocrystalline solar technology, the other materials used to create the solar panel make them distinctive from each other. The SolarSaga and the Boulder have pros and cons to their composition, making them better suited for different situations.

Best Situation for Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels

Because the Jackery SolarSaga solar panel only weighs 18.3 lbs, they are great for hiking into a campsite. However, the amount of unshaded space needed isn’t always available. When deciding whether this is the best option for your situation, consider who’s using it, how far they will have to carry it, and where they would set it up.

Prefered Circumstances for Goal Zero Boulder

The compact size of this portable solar panel makes it great for setting up in a sunny spot on the back porch or next to your camper while on a road trip. However, the weight of the Boulder makes it unusable for someone that can’t lift 50 lbs or doesn’t have someone with them that can.


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