Goal Zero Boulder 200 Vs. Vicoffroad Foldable 200 Watt

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons
Vicoffroad vs. Goal Zero: portable solar panels

Portable solar allows the owner to take their fuel with them where they go. However, not every solar panel is created equal.

For this reason, it becomes necessary to compare each option on the market. However, doing so would take a lot of work. Thankfully, Go Solar Group has already done this work for you.

This portable solar panel comparison looks at the Goal Zero Boulder 200 and Vicoffroad’s 200-watt foldable solar panel. After going through each, you should have a better idea of which will work best for your project.

Solar Panel Specification Differences and Similarities

Even though both the Boulder 200 and the Vicoffroad foldable solar panels have a rating of 200 watts and use monocrystalline solar panels, they have subtle differences. Your reason for wanting portable solar panels will determine which is best.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Specs

The Goal Zero Boulder 200, a monocrystalline solar panel, can charge the Yeti 3000, one of Goal Zero’s power stations, in 18-36 hrs. This solar panel has a high-power port that will allow 14-22V and up to 14A for a total of 200 watts of current.

Specs for Vicoffroad Foldable 200 Watt Solar Panel

The Vicoffroad 200 Watt foldable solar panel uses A-grade monocrystalline solar cells with up to 21 percent efficiency. At max power, this solar panel can produce 10.93A and 18.3V for a total of 200 watts.

It also can charge AGM, Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium, and LifePO4 batteries. However, the time to charge these batteries depends on the size and type of battery

Solar Panel Warranties

While the standard warranty for residential solar panels is typically between 25 and 30 years, portable solar panels often have shorter warranties. Although these warranties don’t cover the solar panels for as long, they are still worth comparing.

Goal Zero Solar Panel Warranty

Goal Zero offers a two-year warranty on their solar panels. This warranty covers fixes or repairs to the solar panels if they malfunction. However, it will not cover the solar panels if they have malfunctioned because of something that has happened to them since purchased.

Vicoffroad Solar Panel Warranty

Vicoffroad offers a one-year warranty. If the solar panels malfunction without any outside causing factor, Vicoffroad will replace or repair them.

Material Differences and Their Best Uses

The material differences in these solar panels make them better for different uses. As we consider the different materials used and look at how they impact the overall size and weight of the solar panel you will see which will work best for your situation.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Materials

The Goal Zero Boulder 200 uses tempered glass and an aluminum frame and stand. These materials protect the solar cells, but they also cause the solar panel to weigh 42 lbs.

The good news is that this portable solar panel has a small footprint. When set up, it takes up 40 x 53.5 x 1.75 in.

This portable solar panel is best suited for individuals that have limited unshaded space. It is also a better option for those who don’t plan on moving it frequently.

Vicoffroad Solar Panel Mateirals

The Vicoffroad solar panel uses PET, a plastic film, to protect the solar cells from the elements. This portable solar panel has fabric loops instead of a stand.

The lightweight materials of this solar panel make it weigh 17.42 lbs. Additionally, it needs more space because when unfolded, it needs 74.02 x 29.13 x 0.24 in.

This solar panel will work best if you have a large amount of unshaded space with a way to prop the solar panels or suspend them from their loops. The lighter materials also make it a good option for those wanting electricity after hiking into a campsite.


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