Renogy 100-Watt Foldable Panel vs Goal Zero’s Boulder 200

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons
Renogy Foldable 100 W vs. Goal Zero Boulder 200: Portable Module Comparison

Most of the time, Go Solar Group’s product comparisons for solar panels compare the same wattage. However, this comparison doesn’t.

Instead, this comparison looks at the 100-watt flexible solar panel from Renogy and the Goal Zero Boulder 200. While these two solar panels have wattage differences, which may make this Renogy solar panel unfit for certain solar projects without needing to read further, it’s still worth looking at all the other aspects of each solar panel.

Technical Aspects of Each Solar Panel

In this section, we’ll cover the power port, voltage, and film of each portable solar module.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Specs

The Goal Zero Boulder is rated for 200 watts and uses monocrystalline solar cells. It also uses tempered glass and an aluminum frame and stand to protect the cells.

This folding solar panel has a high-power port rated to handle 14-22 volts and up to 14 amps. It weighs 42 lbs. and takes up 40 x 53.5 x 1.75 in. when unfolded.

An In-depth Look at Renogy 100-watt Solar Panel

Renogy’s 100-watt flexible solar panel also uses monocrystalline solar cells. This solar panel can bend up to 248 degrees without breaking and uses EVA, a plastic film, to protect the solar cells. The lightweight materials used in this solar panel make it come to a mere 4.2 lbs.

One of these solar panels needs 48.0 x 21.6 x 0.08 in. of unshaded space. The optimum operating voltage for this solar panel is 18.9 volts. The optimum operating current is 5.29 amps.

Practical Uses of Each Portable Solar Panel

While both of these portable solar modules have advantages, the practical uses for the Renogy module are limited given its wattage and capacity.

The Best Scenarios for the Boulder 200

The Boulder 200 works best for individuals that need to power essentials. It’s also great for windier areas since it has some heft to it.

While Go Solar Group sells the Boulder 200 as one of its battery backup options, this solar panel also works for recreational purposes. RV owners can easily set up this solar panel and charge one of the goal zero solar batteries for later use.

Situations Best Suited for this Renogy 100-watt Solar Panel

The Renogy 100-watt solar panel is a good option for those who only want to charge one or two small things or who want to install solar panels on a rounded surface. While these solar panels are light, they aren’t the best portable solar panel unless installed on something that moves, like a boat or a motor home.

Comparing Solar Panel  Warranties

Even portable solar modules have warranties. These warranties matter in the hypothetical “durability” of the portable modules themselves.

Goal Zero’s Solar Panel Warranty

Goal Zero has a two-year warranty on its solar panels. This warranty covers malfunctions caused before purchase.

Warranty for Renogy Solar Panels

These Renogy solar panels have two warranties. It has a 25-year performance warranty, covering 95 percent of the original efficiency over the first five years, 90 percent over ten years and 80 percent over 25 years. It also has a 5-year material and workmanship warranty.


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