Portable Battery Backup Comparison: Yeti vs. Bluetti AC200P

Portable Solar Battery Comparisons
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Bluetti vs. Goal Zero: emergency batteries

Over the years, portable solar batteries have become quite popular. As a result, many options now saturate the market. Thankfully, Go Solar Group has your back. With our emergency backup product comparison, you can determine which product will best meet your needs.

Lithium-ion Batteries: LiFePO4 Vs. NMC

While lithium-ion batteries have become the preferred battery for solar backup, the type of lithium battery makes a difference. Goal Zero Yeti’s use a lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC) battery, while the Bluetti AC 200P uses a lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4 or LFP) battery.

Characteristics of an LFP Battery

An LFP battery can handle full charge for long periods. However, it has a lower nominal voltage, which also lowers the specific energy below NMC batteries. These batteries also have a higher self-discharge, which requires control electronics to help mitigate.

What Sets the NMC Lithium Battery Apart From Other Lithium Batteries

The combination of nickel with manganese increases the life of the battery and its specific energy. The NMC lithium battery is the preferred lithium-ion battery used in electric cars.

Comparing Battery Specifications

General battery specs help determine what to expect. However, specifications for each company’s battery often vary from the average performance of that battery type.

Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000

Capacity and Power

The Yeti 3000 has a capacity of 3,075 watts. This battery has an inverter with a 3500-watt surge rating.

Weight and Dimensions

The Yeti 3000 weighs 68.6 lbs. It has dimensions of 10.1 x 15.3 x 13.1 inches.

Efficiency, Cycles and Charging Ports

The Yeti is rated to have at least 80 percent capacity for the first 500 cycles. It has eight export ports, two external ports and a storage extension port for expanding battery capacity with Goal Zero’s Yeti Tanks.

Bluetti’s AC200P

Capacity and Power

The AC200P can store up to 2000 watts. Its inverter is rated to handle 4,800 watts of surge power.

Weight and Dimensions

The AC200 P weighs 60.6lbs. It takes up 16.5x11x15.2 inches.

Efficiency, Cycles and Charging Ports

This battery is rated to maintain at least 80 percent capacity for 3500 cycles. It has a total of 17 output ports,

Comparing Warranties and Other Features

A quality warranty helps protect your investment against potential manufacturing defects. Both Goal Zero and Bluetti have 2-year limited warranties and 30-day return policies.

However, the Bluetti AC200 P also has the ability to charge in 2-2.5 hrs with its 600-watt solar panels. The Yeti 3000 takes 6-12 hrs with its 600-watt solar panels.


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