Goal Zero Yeti 3000 vs. Point Zero Titan Generator

Portable Solar Battery Comparisons
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Titan vs. Yeti 3000

The market has many portable battery options. One option includes the Titan solar generator. Let’s look at the specs on this generator and how they compare to Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000.

Lithium-ion Batteries: Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC)

Both Goal Zero and Zero Point Energy use lithium-ion NMC batteries. This battery type uses a combination of nickel, manganese, and cobalt. This battery chemistry combines the benefits of nickel and manganese to increase the overall high specific energy, battery storage capacity, and low internal resistance, heat-generating opposition to current flow. Lithium NMC batteries are among the best performing lithium-ion batteries.

Comparing Portable Battery Backup Specifications

Battery specs are the bread and butter of battery comparisons. If the battery doesn’t perform, other features become meaningless.

Specs and Price for the Goal Zero Yeti 3000

The Yeti’s market-leading portable solar battery has a lot to offer with its efficiency, weight, dimensions, and capacity.


The Yeti 3000 is listed at a price of $2,995.95 on Goal Zero’s product page.

Capacity and Power

Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000 has an inverter with a withdrawal rate of up to 2000 watts continuously and 3500 watts of surge power. However, the Yeti 3000 can store up to 3032 watts.

Weight and Dimensions

The Yeti 3000 weighs 69.78 lbs. Additionally, it’s 15.25 x 10.23 x 13.6 inches, meaning it takes up some room, and it’s on the heavier side. Thankfully, Goal Zero has thought of this and offers a cart so you can easily transport the Yeti to where it’s needed most.

Efficiency, Cycles and Charging Ports

The Yeti 3000 comes rated to maintain at least 80 percent capacity for 500 cycles. It also has ten output ports for charging different devices.

The Yeti 3000X takes 6hrs to charge using 600 watts of solar or up to 72 hrs if you’re only using one 100-watt solar panel. It can also charge from a wall outlet or a car battery via a 12-volt car adaptor.

Specifications and Price for Point Zero Energy’s Titan Solar Generator

While this product is considered a fast-follower to the Yeti 3000, it’s still a viable option for consumers interested in portable battery backup options.


Point Zero Energy’s Titan Solar Generator is listed at a price of $3,195.00.

Capacity and Power

Point Zero Energy’s Titan solar generator has a 2000-watt battery and a 3000-watt inverter. However, it can only handle 1500 watts of continuous discharge. On the upside, it’s rated to handle 7700 watts of surge power, so it should easily handle the initial draw of larger appliances.  

Weight and Dimensions

Each Titan battery weighs 35lbs and the power module weighs an additional 32 lbs. This solar generator design easily stacks as many batteries as you would like, however, stacking more than six isn’t advised.

One Titan battery and the power module take up 18.5x12x12 inches. Each additional battery adds 4.5 inches to the battery pack height.

Efficiency, Cycles and Charging Ports

Each Titan battery has a life expectancy of 2,000 cycles or ten years. However, Point Zero Energy doesn’t specify the cycle efficiency. Each battery can hold a charge for up to five years, but it’s suggested that at least 10 percent of the battery get used every year, and the battery maintains a minimum 50 percent charge for optimal battery life.

Additionally, the Titan power module has multiple ports for charging devices directly from the battery. It has six 15A outlets, one 30A RV outlet, six Smart USB ports, two USB C ports, and four 12V ports.

Comparing Company Battery Warranties

Warranties provide customers with peace of mind. They also show the confidence the company has in its product.

Goal Zero’s Battery Warranty

Goal Zero has a two-year limited warranty and a 30-day return policy on all its products. This warranty covers any operational defects not caused after sold

Point Zero Energy’s Battery Warranty

Point Zero Energy offers a two-year limited warranty on the Power module and a one-year limited warranty on its batteries. They also have a 30 Day No-Fault Warranty.


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