Nevada Solar Battery Incentives

Nevada Solar Policy
Nevada Solar Battery Incentives

Just a few years ago, few solar homeowners would have solar battery backup. However, as batteries have gotten cheaper and incentives have gotten stronger, more and more homes are installing solar battery backup to go with their residential system. Let’s take a look at the incentives available for solar battery backup in Nevada.

The State of Nevada Battery Backup Incentives

Solar incentives in Nevada may not be quite as strong as incentives in other states, but they can still save hundreds to thousands of dollars for potential solar homeowners. These incentives can come from the federal government, the state government, and even your local utility company. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit for Nevada

Firstly, we have the federal ITC, known as the federal solar tax credit. As of March 2022, the credit is worth 26 percent of the value of your solar installation. The credit applies directly to your federal income tax and rolls over for a period of five years.

While it primarily is meant to cover installation costs and the cost of your solar panels themselves, the federal solar tax credit will also apply to your batteries. If you install battery backup at the same time as your solar panels, you will get that 26 percent credit for your solar batteries as well. That credit could be worth several thousand dollars with the addition of battery backup.

Net Metering With Battery Backup in Nevada

At the state level, Nevada has passed legislation to ensure that all Nevadans have access to solar net metering. Solar net metering, when combined with battery backup, can potentially shave quite a bit of money off of your power bill. 

Battery backup stores a lot of the electricity produced by your solar panels. This solar energy is, in a sense, free. Because it’s free, it is far more valuable than the rate you’ll get purely with net metering, which is usually priced at a much lower rate. By combining the two, you maximize your savings.

Utility-Specific Incentives in Nevada for Solar Batteries

Finally, Nevada local utility companies offer their own incentives for solar batteries. NV Energy, one of the main electric utility companies, has a special incentive program for solar storage. Other Nevada electricity companies may have solar storage programs available, so checking with your local utility is always a good idea.  


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