Replacing Nevada’s Coal Mines with Residential Solar

Nevada Solar Policy
Nevada Coal Mines are being Replaced with Residential Solar

Many have been fighting against coal mines for years. Coal-burning releases toxic gases and drains local water resources. Finding a less damaging solution is vital to the future of our environment.

Nevada Solar: Dead or Alive?

Policy to help promote renewable energy in Nevada has been a bit of a rocky road the past couple of years. However, this changed for the better when Governor Sandoval approved Nevada PUC regulations. As time progresses, so will Nevada’s renewable energy policy.

The future is looking bright for Nevada’s 50 percent renewable energy standard. Solar is very much alive in the State of Nevada, and it will continue to thrive.

One Way Solar is Being Instituted in Nevada

The overwhelming desire for clean energy has put utilities and coal mines in a tight spot. One solution includes using mine sites for solar farms.

The Sunshine for Mines program found that Nevada has almost three million acres of closed mines. These sites are ideal for solar farms because they already have a grid connection. Coal mines, however, are brownfields.

Brownfields are sites that contain contaminants that could cause harm. Health concerns make it difficult to acquire financing and approval for construction on these sites.

These factors make it hard to move forward on these project types. Conglomerates are working on legislation to increase renewable projects on Nevada’s closed mines.

The Future of Nevada’s Residential Solar Market

While solar farms do increase solar production, residential solar is less intrusive. And with Assembly Bill 405, net metering agreements entered into are now fixed for 20 years.

This legislation is a huge win for homeowners that want to produce their power. Now you can get solar with the assurance that your benefits won’t go anywhere.

The Financial Benefit of Solar

A slew of benefits come with using multiple types of renewable energy, but solar also saves money. Depending on the financing option you choose, solar can save thousands.

There are three main financing options; cash, loan or a solar lease. Because this is a large investment, most people don’t have the money to purchase an array outright, making a low-interest short-term loan the best option.

Securing your Future with Solar

Residential solar also allows homeowners to free themselves from a life-long bill. You can now enjoy retirement without worrying about whether you can afford to keep the lights on.

Owning a photovoltaic system offers control over power generation for the home. If you get solar backup, you won’t have to worry when the grid goes down either. Regardless of what happens down the road with solar on your home, you won’t have to worry.


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