What Is the Gemini Solar Project in Nevada?

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Nevada, as part of its ever growing renewable energy portfolio, is focusing on ways to bring clean power to Nevada residents. Clean energy is not limited to solar and can involve wind power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal power. The Gemini Solar Plant is a large part of Nevada’s solar strategy for bringing clean solar energy to the general public. 

The Gemini Solar Project at a Glance

Began in 2020 and set to be completed by 2023, Gemini Solar Power will be the largest solar plant in America at the time of completion. In fact, it will be one of the largest in the world. The site’s capacity is 690 megawatts and will come complete with a massive battery storage component to ensure that the site produces electricity continuously. Finally, the site’s price tag clocks in at a cool $1 billion. 

What Gemini Solar Power Means for Nevada Residents

The Gemini plant is a major step forward for Nevada’s renewable energy portfolio. Currently, the vast majority of Nevada’s clean energy comes from hydroelectric power. In particular, the famous Hoover Dam provides 2080 megawatts of electricity to Nevada, Arizona and California. 

Solar Is a Big Part of Nevada’s Renewable Energy

The state of Nevada is looking to diversify its renewable portfolio and solar is playing a big part. Nevada is one of the sunniest states in America, getting nearly as many sun hours as Arizona. Taking advantage of Nevada’s sunny climate is a key factor in expanding clean energy beyond hydroelectric power. 

Gemini Solar Power’s Role in Expanding Solar Power

Historically, solar power has not always been available to Americans who do not own their home. Residential solar panels are among the chief ways that Nevadans can benefit from solar. With the rise in community solar efforts, more Nevadans are gaining access to clean energy.

Gemini Solar Power will be a big step in that process. As the largest solar facility in the US, it will be able to provide more solar energy to renters and other Nevadans who don’t have access to solar power. The battery backup section of the plant helps mitigate one of the chief concerns with solar energy — the lack of production at night. 

Nevada Residential Solar’s Role in Clean Energy

Rooftop solar panels are an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t want to wait until 2023 to get clean energy. Residential solar installations have the added benefit of potentially getting rid of your power bill completely. Take the first steps to filling your home with clean energy by getting a free solar quote


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