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Nevada Solar Facts

The more informed Reno citizens are about NV solar power, the more they stand to benefit. To make a sound decision on solar, interested parties need all the facts, so they can determine whether regulations will impede or promote their progress as a Reno resident interested in solar. 

While past regulations have restricted residential solar, Nevada made changes that have allowed solar to make a comeback. Knowing the facts about where Nevada stands with renewable energy will help homeowners draw out the financial rewards and implications of purchasing solar.

Energy Rebates Available in Nevada

While solar is an investment, state and federal incentives reduce the cost, making it an affordable option for many. Let’s take a look at the state incentives that Nevada has to offer.

Nevadans and The Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal tax credit has the most impact on reducing the cost of solar for homeowners. This credit, as of 2021, covers 26 percent of the system cost.

This tax credit decreases the total cost of solar installations for system owners. Solar companies, like Go Solar Group, can help with the paperwork behind this tax credit.

NV Energy Energy Conserving Rebates

Nevada doesn’t have a state solar tax credit. Despite the lack of a state-based tax credit, Nevada does have some energy rebates. These different energy savings rebates come through the PowerShift rebate program. This program allows people who qualify to get free smart thermostats, air conditioner discounts, LED lights, efficient pool pumps and appliances, free energy assessments, and energy-saving tips.

Nevada Solar Power Laws

Because of the solar power laws in Nevada, residential solar has become far easier to obtain. Together these bills have helped revive Nevada’s solar industry.

Assembly Bill 405 Nevada

On June 15, 2017, AB 405 received approval. This bill established protections for individuals using renewable energy. It also reversed past laws against net metering, bringing the solar spotlight back to its rightful place in Nevada.

NV Energy Net Metering Agreement

Because of this bill, Nevada homeowners can now opt into renewable energy with compensation for the electricity they send to the grid. Although not as favorable as the past net metering policy, it still makes investing in solar at the residential and commercial levels worthwhile.

Nevada’s Senate Bill 358

In April of 2019, Senate Bill 358 went into effect. This bill requires the state to generate 50 percent of its energy through renewable sources by 2030. It also requires Nevada to switch to 100 percent renewables by 2050. 

Community Solar Assembly Bill 465

On June 5, 2019, AB 465 passed. This bill requires Nevada utilities to have community solar programs with at least 25 percent of program participation from low-income households.

Residential Solar in Nevada

When considering residential solar, individuals should keep a couple of factors in mind. These will help them make a sound decision that they will feel good about for years to come.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Reno NV Solar

Large solar companies don’t always have the lowest price points. While there are exceptions, often big solar businesses charge more for their brand. Although big brands may have some top-of-the-line commodities, it doesn’t mean that smaller companies don’t have comparable products.

If price matters more than the brand to you, consider looking into other options. You might find an excellent deal that fits your needs that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Nevada Solar Panel Module Manufacturers

The efficiency of a solar array starts with solar panels. While each solar panel may cost less, the installation may cost more or have a shorter lifespan because it produces less per module. The type and brand of solar panels determine the quality. However, the warranty plays a part too. 

Most solar panels have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers damages and product malfunctions. Solar panel manufacturers typically have a 25-year performance guarantee of 80 to 90 percent of their initial production. To make a fair comparison, contrast the original efficiency rating of the solar modules and factor in any accessories you’d like to add with them, such as a Nest thermostat or battery backup. 

Why Solar Installation Matters in Reno

When you talk to different solar companies, you will want to know who completes the system installations. If they go through a contractor, look up their contractor, and find out what quality of work they do and how best to get a hold of them.

Solar and Battery Backup Compatibility

Everyone who installs solar should consider adding a battery backup option. Here are some of the reasons for battery backup that Nevadans should consider.

Save Your Reno Home from Declining Net Metering Returns

When residential solar first became popular, net metering helped people use power at night without having to dish out extra money. However, with solar generation rates decreasing across the United States, it’s hard to say how long this solution will last.  

Those who add battery backup to their solar array can store their excess power instead of putting it on the grid. Adding solar storage saves solar customers from declining net metering rates.

Adding Battery Backup Later

While we believe everyone should have access to battery backup options, not everyone wants it now. If you plan to upgrade your system down the road, ensure your current system will work with your plans. Going with a company that already installs battery backup will ensure the system’s compatibility with solar storage later. 


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