Reno Solar Power: the Coal Industry’s Broom & Dustpan

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Reno Solar cleaning up the coal industry

The Reno solar market is positioned to become an icon for solar prospects not just in the state of Nevada, but across the globe.

Why? Because if any city is positioned to stop romanticizing the garbage we don’t want Santa putting in our X-mas stockings, coal, and the various problems that come with it, it’s Reno.

Why Is Reno Solar Potential So Strong?

Not only does Reno have solid solar potential, but it also has homeowners who can both qualify for and benefit from solar to a greater degree than 95 percent of all other cities in America.

Reno gets more year-round sunshine than all but seven other cities in America. Except for Las Vegas, all these cities are positioned far closer to the equator, making Reno a unique spotlight for the solar industry. 

We aren’t just fond of Reno because Go Solar Group has entered that market, but because the state in which the city hails from has championed alternatives to coal for quite some time, albeit not with some of the greatest resources when contrasted to the infinite and eternally awesome sun.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that coal-based energy is shipped to Reno and other major Nevada cities from out-of-state locations in Utah and Colorado, making natural gas one of Reno’s bigger energy resources. Nevada’s coal importation also jacks up the price of coal, which, if we’re being realistic, deserves a slew of sales taxes for its detrimental impacts on health and the environment.

How Reno Solar Can Be Exemplary in the Fight Against Legislative Lags

We have taxes on liquor, cigarettes, and other items that generally harm our health, so why is it that tax law surrounding coal is yet to proliferate with the same degree of intensity, especially if it harms more than just life, but also the life that breeds life: the environment itself?  

Coal-fired power plants also create less than one-tenth of the energy generation occurring in the state of Nevada.

That’s just one of the numerous reasons residential Reno solar providers and their solar prospects won’t sweep the problems of coal under the rug. Instead, they sweep it into a dustpan leading straight to the garbage bin.

A journey of a thousand miles will always begin with a single step, but the leader who takes that step is subject to set the footing not just for themselves but for others to follow. As that solar leader, the city of Reno can set the tone for the solar industry. Reno plots a bold and sure-fire path toward sustainable solutions.

Coal may have fueled and materialized the American Dream in earlier years, but it’s time we estrange the resource the same way it has estranged us.

Coal is not just harmful to the environment but to the economy as a whole. Yes, the coal industry employs many workers, but it does not deliver the same degree of utility it once did over one hundred years ago. 

The Industrial Revolution started all that our country has stood for, and with it came the emergence of coal. But it’s time to get over it, for heaven’s sake.

The Ford Model T was great when first released, but it’s no longer a staple of American innovation and resourcefulness. Years of significant advancement have brought us to better and more efficient engines: a parallel to the solar industry.

Relying on coal for energy today is about as anachronistic as driving a Ford Model T (that hasn’t been kept in mint condition).

The city of Reno aside, there are places throughout America, and the developed world at large, where coal has done far more damage. Its arbiters have swept the secrets of coal beneath the rug, distracting from the seriousness of the coal industry’s problem and the opportunities solar provides.

To learn more about the Reno solar market, visit our Reno installation page or visit our quote page to learn more about the in-depth aspects of going solar in today’s world. 


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