Should I Still Buy Solar in Reno?

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Go Solar Group's Additional Reason for Getting Solar in Nevada

Reno is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, making solar an extra profitable and wise investment. However, Reno recently faced some concerning times when the solar industry was bait and switched by the Nevada PUC. This has made purchasing solar, which is already a big decision, a harder one to make for many Nevadans.

And although the market has since opened up again, for many citizens, the question of wither solar acquisition is wise still remains. As a company that is striving to help people get the most accurate information, we say yes.

Nevada Net Metering Changes

One of the most concerning changes used to be NV Energy’s change in net metering rates. This, however, was not a lasting change. The state of Nevada has since moved back to a more solar-friendly model, re-instituting net metering returns similar to those during solar’s hey-day.

The net metering road bump didn’t stop solar from progressing in Nevada. In fact, this transition has helped weed out the companies that won’t be here to help you for years to come. Which is actually better for the market’s image and customer satisfaction.

Reno Solar Savings Calculator

The federal and state incentives have made solar energy an option worth looking into. The problem is that these incentives will not always be here. While these incentives are still in place, it is imperative that you take action.

Our solar savings calculator for the city of Reno can help you find a financial approximation. Solar calculators, however, can’t tell you how much your specific situation would cost. If you want to know what your actual savings are, you will need to get a solar assessment for your Nevada residence.

Get A Reno NV Solar Quote

When you get a solar quote, you are able to see savings and pricing specific to your home and situation. These numbers will vary from company to company, which is why it is best to look around. Don’t stop short of at least 3 quotes. This’ll help you form your questions and cue you into who has the best options.

There are a couple of reasons getting multiple quotes will help you. First and foremost, looking around allows you to see which company has the best price. Getting an in-person quote also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get explanations on the installer’s equipment and how the system will work in relation to your home.

This one-on-one experience is key in helping you decide if a company is going to meet your needs. A good in-person solar quote will allow you to learn more about the company without feeling pushed into a sale.

We Finance Solar Arrays in Africa with Each Sale

Although we are a solar installer, our goals are to help people establish energy independence, educational opportunity and economic empowerment. This is why we use part of every sale to finance a microloan in Africa.

Over the years, we have seen immense success in our mission. Our efforts have increased clean lighting which has averted black carbon emissions produced by their alternative light source (kerosene lamps).

To date, we have given children over 4 million additional hours of extra study time in the country of Uganda alone. That’s enough to facilitate the sum of a small university’s total learning over a four-year time span!

When someone opts into a solar installation from Go Solar Group, we rejoice; not only because you are going to save money, but also because of the children in Africa that get more time to do their homework and a chance to succeed. This is just one example of why we do what we do. Solar is an incredibly powerful equalizing and empowering force. 

By getting solar through Go Solar Group, you are helping others save money and live a healthier life. Your purchase helps us walk the walk, and, perhaps, ‘become the change that you want to see in the world’ as Gandhi admonished we should.


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