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Reno Solar Panel Investment

Solar panel pricing on Reno company websites often isn’t listed. Instead, solar pricing comes in the form of a solar estimation calculator. These calculators, however, shouldn’t take the place of a quote. Taking time with the quotation process will benefit the customer in the long run and provide a more accurate estimate.

Addressing Reno Solar Pricing Questions

As a Reno solar installer, Go Solar Group commonly hears the following questions from solar prospects:

Why aren’t there more specific prices on your website?

Are you not listing the actual price because you don’t want to scare people away with the actual cost of going solar in Reno?

Do you not list solar prices because they are subject to change with tax incentives and rebates? 

Each of these questions lends itself to an aspect of solar that’s often misunderstood. 

Specific Solar Pricing in Reno

Reno solar websites don’t have specific pricing because each home has different needs. If a Reno solar quote comes without conducting an in-person assessment and gathering energy consumption history, the quote won’t have the information it needs to accurately assess the homeowner’s needs and ensure the best return on investment. Without the above information, pricing means nothing. 

The Reason Solar Companies Often Don’t List Prices

If the company posts a price higher than the actual price, potential customers feel deterred from looking into solar and miss out on an opportunity to save money. While a listed price beneath the actual cost of a system often leads to upset customers. Since no solar system has the same setup, one or the other will likely happen. To avoid either scenario, solar companies don’t typically list pricing.

The Impact Solar Tax Incentives Have on Price

Tax incentives have an impact on the cost of solar. Solar companies often deter Reno homeowners who don’t qualify for these tax credits from purchasing solar because the cost without these credits makes a return take longer, making solar cost-prohibitive for many. As a result, qualifying for tax credits has become one of the requirements for prime solar candidates in Reno.

Reno Solar Panel Pre-installation Steps

Adding solar to your home can become quite the process. Interested parties should consider the steps necessary to make their solar installation a success.

Step 1: Finding Reno Solar Panel Quotes

Solar quotes comprise the first step to understanding how solar will integrate with the home and the array design. It provides visual insight into what solar will look like and how shading will impact the customized solution. This stage in the solar adoption process also provides accurate Reno solar panel quotes.

Step 2: Understanding Nevada Solar Power Incentives

Solar panel quotes require customers to understand the financial programs involved. These include payment plan options and everything they entail, tax incentives, and NV Energy rebates. 

Customers can avoid the stress of figuring this out on their own when they get a customized solar quote. A solar representative hand delivers the estimate, explains it, and answers any questions about it.

Step 3: Observing the Install Team

While it’s important to choose a solar company with the products you value, quality customer service goes a long way. Installation and post-installation practices have an important place in solar customer service. 

When looking for Reno solar panel quotes, make sure to ask about the install and post-install processes. Comparing company reviews can also provide some insight. 

After taking the time to compare several quotes, it’s time to make a decision. Once decided, the customer can then start the process of installing solar.


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