2022 Cost of Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada

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2022 Cost of Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada

Solar prices in Reno, Nevada have fluctuated in recent years. However, solar prices in Nevada have continually declined — just as they have across the country. How do the costs of solar in 2022 compare to the rest of the country?

What Are the Costs of Solar in Reno, Nevada in 2022?

Solar costs in Reno, Nevada are calculated using a metric known as “cost per watt.” This metric is a way to calculate the cost of a solar installation without necessarily knowing exactly how many solar panels are necessary for the system. Knowing the cost per watt will help you understand the cost of solar more generally in Reno, Nevada.

What Is Solar Cost Per Watt?

Cost per watt is a simple metric — it’s the total cost for each watt of solar installed. It includes both the hard costs, such as the products and soft costs like labor and paperwork. This is because solar installations will differ based on panel size and placement, so an estimate based purely on the solar panels themselves will not be close to the actual price.

What Is the Cost Per Watt of Solar in Reno, Nevada?

The price of solar in Reno, Nevada in 2022 is about $2.67 per watt. This price is much lower than the average national price, which clocks in at roughly $3.00 per watt. A $0.33 difference is quite large when it comes to installing large numbers of solar PV panels on your roof. 

What Is the Average Price of a Solar Installation in Reno, Nevada?

The total price of a solar installation will cost around $11,000 to $12,000 once incentives are taken into account. This is nearly half of the national average, which is about $20,000

Going Solar in Nevada

With the many strong solar incentives available to homeowners in Reno, Nevada, it’s clear that there’s never been a better time to go solar. With net metering and utility-level solar incentives, homeowners in Nevada can save a lot of money by going solar. 


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