Nevada Solar Panels Packages: Finding the Best Ones

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Nevada rooftop solar: finding the best solar panels packages

Which of the numerous Nevada solar panel packages to choose from can be a daunting task. Getting a solar array that is super expensive or cheap is usually a big red flag.

The issue is all the options in between differing price ranges. It may become hard to determine what aspects of quality the product sacrificed at the low end of the price spectrum and which quality features it upholds at the high end.

Nevada Solar Panel Companies and their Packages

The solar panel package that you choose could hurt you more than help if you aren’t careful. There are three main things to consider when you look at a solar company’s panel package. These include products, services and financing.

Nevada Solar Company Products

The durability and efficiency of your solar array will depend on the quality of its components. No matter what company you ask, they will say their products are the best, so this can be a little tricky. But if you know the industry standard for solar products, you will know for sure if they are bluffing.

Quality Solar Panels Are Key

Solar panels are the first step to getting energy from the sun. If you don’t have a solid solar panel, your energy production won’t be as good. Current solar panel efficiency ratings average between 15 and 20 percent.

Inverter Type and Size Matters for Residential Solar in Nevada

If you’re going to capitalize on all that Reno offers as one of the top sunniest cities in the nation, then you need to know the value of the inverter. After solar panels, the next largest energy production factor is the inverter. 

An inverter changes the direct current from your solar panels to an alternating current. There are two main types of inverters. These include string and micro-inverters.

Microinverters are best for homes that don’t have optimal shading. String inverters give you optimal energy when you have ideal sunshine. 

You will also want to be wary when a solar company tries to up-sell you to a larger inverter. An inverter that is too small will decrease the power available. If it’s too big, it will lead to an increase in price for no justifiable reason. 

Batteries are Necessary For Off-Grid PV Systems

If you plan on staying connected to the electric grid, you may think off-grid power doesn’t apply to you. Right now, that may be true, but in an emergency, you will want a system that can connect to battery backup.

A solar array compatible with battery backup should be a must on everyone’s list whether you want it now or later. Go Solar Group only sells systems that are compatible with battery backup. 

We also offer emergency battery backup options with each array. Our battery options are one reason we are a solar-plus company expanding into the healthy connected home market.

Services the Nevada Solar Companies Provide

The services your solar company provides makes a difference. You will want to make sure they do the installation, paperwork and maintenance. If they don’t do these services, you will want to find who does and how to get a hold of them.

Nevada Solar Company Financing Options

Most solar companies have three main financing options. You can either pay in cash, get a loan or lease the panels. If you decide to pay for your solar panels in full, you won’t have to worry about interest. However, most don’t have the cash to invest in solar, which limits them to loans and leases.

Loans offer a better bang for your buck long-term than leases. Many solar loans have low-interest rates over a short period. You will want to get a loan that is under 20 years and an interest rate that is less than four percent with no money down.

Some feel that a solar lease is the best option for them. In the short term, leased systems cost less per month for solar usage than fossil fuel. Long-term, however, you end up spending more than if you had bought the system. And because you don’t own the system, you don’t get to take advantage of any state or federal incentives.

Nevada Solar Incentives

A big selling point for many solar panel packages is the state and federal incentives. These incentives make choosing to install solar an investment worth considering.

The Federal Tax Credit in the Nevada Solar Context

Across the country, you can take advantage of federal solar tax credits. These credits will cover up to 26 percent of your residential system. In 2023 it will decrease to 22 percent, and in 2024 it will expire for residential solar.

You can only apply this tax credit to existing federal income tax liability. However, if you don’t owe the full 26 percent in taxes, it will roll over to the next tax year. If you are on social security and do not owe taxes, this tax credit won’t apply to you.

Nevada State Solar Incentives

Many states have state solar tax credits, which decrease state income taxes. Nevada, however, doesn’t have state income taxes.

Nevada does have an Energy Portfolio Standard, though. This standard requires 50 percent of Nevada’s energy come from renewable energy by 2030. 

If electric companies aren’t reaching these standards each year, they receive a fine. To compensate utilities pay their net-metered customers for their portfolio energy credits. While NV Energy offers solar connection resources, they no longer pay for private solar energy credits. 

The Right Solar Panel Package For You

A solar panel package requires doing rigorous research. You will need to look at websites and meet with companies to see if they are a good fit. 

Most solar companies don’t put their prices on the Internet. Solar companies say clear from posting these because of the many factors that go into pricing. Interviewing solar companies is a vital component of finding the best deal.


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