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NV Energy and Solar Panels with GSG

NV Energy has a solar panel question list for those interested in going solar. Although it provides a good starting point, this tool doesn’t answer all the questions you may have about going solar in Reno. 

Nevada Solar Contractors

When you get your solar PV (photovoltaic) system installed, the crew who completes the installation plays a big role in the overall level of service and quality you receive on the solar install. One of the first questions you should ask a Reno solar company is to whom they contract their work (if they aren’t a full-service Reno solar installer). 

Solar Company insurance policies often don’t cover contracted work. If the NV solar company you choose uses contractors, you will want to make sure the contractor has separate insurance coverage.

It’s important when dealing with contracted work to determine who will take care of you if a problem arises. While solar panels don’t require extensive maintenance, some homeowners need to remove the solar panels, so they can reroof or move the modules with them to a new home. Determining the point of contact for these potential eventualities will help decrease frustration down the road.

Full-Service Installer

A full-service solar company can add an extra layer of security for the homeowner. This security comes from the assurance that they will take care of installation and maintenance in-house. While a full-service installer can simplify the process, an NV solar company that uses reputable contractors isn’t a deal-breaker for most.

Questions for Leasing vs. Buying a System

Leasing hands the ownership of the solar panels to the solar company, resulting in the customer missing out on the benefits of owning a solar array. Before deciding on a solar company for your Reno home, consider the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying solar.

Leasing Questions

There are a couple of reasons why people lean toward leasing their solar panels. Most either like the lower monthly payments or don’t want to deal with potential maintenance.

Leasing allows homeowners to save in comparison to your power company. These savings provide an immediate decrease in power bills with no up-front costs. However, homeowners with leased solar forfeit their solar ROI and tax credit options to the solar company, which costs them more in the long run.  

If you are considering leasing solar panels,  these are the most important questions to ponder:

1. Will the system be removed at the end of the lease?

2. Are there other ongoing costs outside of your monthly solar bill?

3. What happens if you sell your house?

4. Who handles maintenance, and are their costs associated with it?

5. Can you buy the system before the end of the lease term if desired?

The answers to these questions will vary with each company, so make sure and compare their answers.

Buying Questions

Buying your solar array is better than leasing because it offers more financial control over your future and a greater degree of predictability.

One advantage to buying solar is the light at the end of the tunnel it provides. With the purchase of rooftop solar, there’s a foreseeable future with no payments.

If you decide down the road you don’t want to live in your current home, purchased arrays provide more options. You can sell the solar panels with the home or move them into your new home.

Purchased solar also saves more money long-term. These savings come because you’re purchasing the machine, not the power generated from it. The power generated is all yours.

There are a couple of questions to ask Reno solar companies that offer buying options.

1. What are the financing options?

2. Can I pay off my loan early without penalties?

3. What type of Return on investment can I expect?

4. If I need to move my solar panels, will the solar company help me?

Go Solar Group’s Answers to Buying Questions

Go Solar Group only offers buying options to their customers. You can either pay for your system in cash or get a loan. Go Solar Group has a third-party financing company with whom they work to provide the best options.

We encourage you to pay off your loan early if you can. You will save money on the interest rate, and there are no fines.

To determine the ROI of your Nevada solar project, fill out a digital solar survey for your home or business. Go Solar Group will then call to gather information about your project and set an in-person appointment to cover your project’s ROI, costs and financing options.

Pre and Post Installation Q&A

The best time to ask your questions is during an in-person meeting with the solar consultant. Asking all your questions at this meeting will help you determine if the company is a good fit for you.

Important Pre Install Questions

1. How long have you been in business?

The longer the company has been in business, the better. It proves they can withstand the test of time and have experience in the field. Go Solar Group has existed since 2009.

2. Is your company NABCEP certified?

This certification gives solar companies additional credentials as an installer. Some certifications to look for include state certification, OSHA 10 certification, OSHA 30 certification, and NABCEP training.

3. Is the company licensed and insured in my state?

Go Solar Group has licenses to install in the Reno metropolitan area of Nevada. We are also insured and only work with trusted contractors.

4. What module and inverter manufacturers do you use?

Go Solar Group uses Axitec monocrystalline modules, which are German-engineered. We also offer LG, Silfab and Solaria premium module options.

We use Solar Edge inverters. Solar Edge inverters are string inverters with power optimizers, making them ideal for homes with shading issues.

Post Installation Questions to Which You Will Want the Answer

1. Do you contract your work? If so, to whom?

Post-installation concerns may need handling by the contractor who installed the solar system. Finding out who is going to do your installation will save you time and hassle. Titan Solar Power is Go Solar Group’s installation partner.

2. Do you maintenance your installs? If not, who do I call to get my system fixed?

If something happens to your system or it isn’t producing as expected, you want to make sure it will be an easy fix. Go Solar Group maintains all of the solar systems that they install.

3. Do you have a referral program?

If you like your installation, you will want to share it with your solar-savvy friends and family. Go Solar Group has referral programs for both their satisfied customers and those who like sharing a good bargain.


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