2019 Guide to NV Energy Approved Solar Installation

NV Energy and Solar Panels
2019 Guide to NV Energy Approved Solar Installation

Getting solar for your home can be a pain if it isn’t done right. Knowing your Utility’s expectations is vital to getting a solar array installed.

NV Energy Solar Array Sizing Stipulations

Your utility can make or break a solar installation. Every utility has different array sizing stipulations. Before you can even start your application for a solar array you need to determine the size.

Sizing For Your Initial Solar Installation

NV Energy bases their sizing requirements off of your highest year of usage in the past two years. The only exception is if the residence doesn’t have 12 consecutive months of usage.

there are two different excepted sizing methods for homes without expectable usage. Either you can get an estimate based off of the usage you do have or you can use the square footage of the inside of the home.

Homes in Northern Nevada can estimate up to 2 watts of alternating current per square foot. Homes in Southern Nevada can estimate up to 2.8 watts of alternating current per square foot.

Under And Oversizing Your Solar Array

NV Energy will allow you to undersize these estimates; however, you can’t exceed them. It is vital that you get accurate usage for your Nevada residential solar estimates. If you don’t the proposals that you get from the solar companies that you are considering will be off.

If you get an undersized array it will not cover all your energy needs. Meaning you will still be paying your utility for some of your energy use. If you have an oversized system NV Energy will not allow you to install the proposed array.

Adding To Your Initial Solar Installation

If you are considering adding to your solar array you will need to fall into one of their four categories.

  • You have added more square footage to your home since your solar installation.
  • You have gotten an electric vehicle that uses an in-home charging station.
  • You didn’t have 12 months of consecutive usage before your solar application submission.
  • You have had a significant load increase.

In order to install added solar, you also need to make sure that it meets NV Energy’s standards. Here are some of their prerequisites; to be sure, ask NV Energy if your addition is expectable.

  • All solar installations that have or will receive incentives cannot exceed 500 kW.
  • You will need a separate meter if your original installation didn’t receive an incentive, but the addition will.
  • Additions to a solar array that receives a production based incentive will require a separate meter.

NV Energy Siting And Equipment Requirements

NV Energy has standards set that all installations need to meet.

  • All solar systems cannot have more than 25 percent annual shading on the array.
  • Your system needs proof that it meets NV Energy’s azimuth standards.
  • All panels and inverters need to be on the CEC list of approved solar equipment.
  • All solar equipment has to be new.
  • Panels need at least a 20-year product or production warranty.
  • Inverters need a 7-year product warranty.
  • The whole system needs a 2-year workmanship and labor warranty.

NV Energy Solar Initial Incentive Application

All applications get reviewed within 10 business days in the order received. If your application is deficient you have 20 days to make the necessary corrections. If you do not make the corrections in time you forfeit your application fee and place in line.  

Once the application gets reviewed and approved you will receive an email. This email will notify you that your array qualifies for reserved incentive funds.

You do not need to apply for the incentive. However, the array does need utility approval before you can install.

Documentation For Solar Only Application

  • Copy of installation contract or energy services agreement
  • A recent copy of your NV Energy utility bill
  • Site Plan
  • One-line diagram
  • If applying as low income or non-profit provide proof of eligibility

Documentation For Energy Storage Only Application

  • Copy of installation contract or energy services agreement
  • A recent copy of your NV Energy utility bill
  • Site Plan
  • Energy storage technical specification
  • One-line diagram

Documentation For Solar and Energy Storage Application

  • Copy of installation contract or energy services agreement
  • A recent copy of your NV Energy utility bill
  • Site Plan
  • Energy storage technical specification
  • One-line diagram
  • If applying as low income or non-profit provide proof of eligibility

NV Energy Solar Incentive Claim

Once you have installed your solar array you can apply to receive your solar incentive. Applications get reviewed in order of fee payment. You will have to resubmit your application if  NV Energy doesn’t receive the fee within 30 days of.

You lose your fee and reservation if the Incentive Claim application isn’t submitted. Or if it gets submitted late. Your Incentive Claim expiration date will be in your reservation notice email.

Documentation Needed To Make An Incentive Claim

If your claim package is incomplete it will get suspended. You will have 60 days to make the corrections. If the corrections aren’t received in 30 days you will receive a final notice.

If your incentive claim application gets canceled you can still install the system. You, however, won’t get the incentives. Below are the required documents to make an incentive claim.

  • Signed Net Metering Agreement
  • Signed Incentive Claim Form
  • A copy of the satisfied building permit
  • Equipment and Labor Invoice
  • Photos (PDF) of Installed System

Photovoltaic Inspections For Nevadans

After your solar array installation is complete it will get inspected. These inspections are the final step before you can utilize your system.

Post Install inspections

After installed you will get scheduled for a post-installation inspection. The inspector will verify that the system meets all of NV Energy’s specifications.

Interconnection safety verification

The interconnection safety inspection verifies the system is ready to get connected. This is the last and final inspection unless you need to make corrections.

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