7 Steps to New Mexico Solar

Why Go Solar in New Mexico?

Follow the pathways below to see your custom solar savings estimate for your Albuquerque-Santa Fe area home. See why we're one of the most trusted residential solar installers in the US.

Seven Steps To Going Solar Smartly

Don't fall prey to New Mexico solar companies trying to sell you poor quality products, or more panels than you need to maximize savings benefits. Follow the steps below to make sure you cover all the needed bases.

1 Speak With a Knowledgeable Qualifier

The first step to a solar array that meets your unique needs is speaking with a knowledgeable appointment setter, who helps you see whether solar makes sense for you economically and whether you qualify for certain solar incentives. When you speak with our appointment setters, they will gather the information needed to create a free, customized solar quote for your Albuquerque-Santa Fe area home. Some of the information they'll gather are your monthly electric bill estimate and utility provider information.

couple offering feedback in business deal

2 Meet With a Consultant To Review Your Custom Solar Proposal

Once your free, customized and no-obligation appointment is set, we will send a solar consultant to your home or meet with you via a web conference appointment. The consultant will review the details of your proposal, including solar savings estimates from the proposed installation, the number of panels needed and more. They'll also answer any questions you may have. This is an educational meeting, not a pushy sales pitch.

3 Learn the Product Options

Once you know solar makes sense for your New Mexico home, you can assess the products made available to you. Go Solar Group uses 310-watt, monocrystalline, German-engineered solar panels and state of the art inverters; we also provide three tiers of battery backup, Nest Thermostats and more. See our product suite.


4 Choose an Installation Type for Your New Mexico Home

Once you have decided whether Go Solar Group is right for you, we can discuss the installation options available for you. Unlike most New Mexico solar installers, Go Solar Group is well-versed in all solar installation types and making each work, given the structure of your home. From ground mount installations to flat roofs, we'll make sure the installation meets both your aesthetic and energy production needs.

5 Make Sure Your Solar Company Completes the Paperwork for You

After you have decided how you'll finance your solar array — in-cash or with our available zero down loan options and other payment programs — we can complete the time-consuming and confusing solar installation paperwork for you. This documentation helps facilitate the inspection, net metering installation and permitting processes for your array. It also includes the necessary documentation to obtain your federal tax credit incentive. 

Go Solar Group's National Installation Partner, Titan Solar Power

6 Sign Up To Install Before Incentives Decline

At Go Solar Group, we work with Titan Solar Power as our National Installation Partner to make sure the install is prompt and correct. Make sure you sign up sooner than later for your New Mexico solar installation, or you could miss out on thousands in savings from the federal tax credit rate, your utility company's existing net metering rates for credits you'll get when exporting unused solar energy back onto the grid and the time value of money (TVM) savings, which maximize your return on your solar investment.

7 Watch the Solar Savings Roll in

After your solar installation, net metering and inspection procedures and documentation are approved, and the installation is completed, you are ready to turn on your system and begin what is, for most, a 40-year process of saving tens of thousands of dollars on power bills. With the flip of a switch, you'll finally be able to experience an investment that works for you, not against you. Still not convinced? Learn more about the amazing ROI of solar panels for homeowners.

Find out how much you can save by going solar in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area with our custom solar calculator. All it takes is 60 seconds.

New Mexico Solar Panels Q & A

If you have questions regarding New Mexico solar, we have answers.

Do I Need To Own My Home?

Owning your home is very important to the process of installing a solar array.  If you don’t own your home, the owner needs to permit the installation. The array will be going on their property and so they need to be on board.

What Does Credit Have To Do With Qualifying for Solar?

For many, the price of solar is not something they can pay for in one lump sum. Solar companies are aware of this. As a result, they have created relationships with financing companies they trust.

If you have a credit score that is in the 700s, or higher, you should qualify for any solar loan. If, however, you have a credit score that is in the high 600s, it is still worth looking into. If you aren’t sure if your credit will qualify, you can call and find out.

Why Is Taxable Income Important for Residential Solar?

Because of the federal solar tax credit, you can get up to 30 percent of your system covered. This is equivalent to thousands of dollars. People that don’t owe taxes, unfortunately, can’t qualify for this incentive. Because it is such a big chunk of the cost, we don’t recommend getting solar unless you can qualify for this tax credit.

Do I Have Enough Usage To Qualify for a Home Solar Energy System?

For both you and the solar company to benefit, you need to use a certain amount of electricity in a year. Solar companies would cease to exist if they couldn’t afford to pay their expenditures. Go Solar Group’s minimum usage for a solar array is 6,000 kWh over a year or an average of 500 kWh per month.

How Can I Maximize My Solar Savings?

If all you did was install solar on your New Mexico home, you would save money. However, you can optimize your solar savings by completing high-energy activities when the sun is out.

Some of these activities include running the dishwasher and laundry machines. If you have a delay timer on your appliances, you can set them to turn on in the middle of the day. If you don't have a delay timer, you can turn on these appliances during your lunch break.

Water fountains and pool/hot tub pumps also require quite a bit of energy. If you want to lower your water pump energy consumption, consider investing in a couple of items.

A pool timer, a correctly sized pump and an energy-efficient motor will save you hundreds in electricity bills. You need to circulate your water, but when and how you do it can change how much you are paying.

Why Battery Backup Is Worth Considering in New Mexico?

New Mexico's net metering policy is easy to work with, but they don't have safe harbor rules for customer-generators. This means utility companies like El Paso Electric, Xcel Energy and PNM can impose extra charges on grid-tied solar customers.

One way to avoid or minimize this issue is through battery backup. Go Solar Group specializes in battery backup, and provides three levels of battery backup so we can meet the varying needs of our customers. One of these battery backup options is the Tesla Powerwall home battery.

Who Is Go Solar Group?

African woman with solar product

Go Solar Group is a family-owned solar company founded in Utah after the two owners completed a service trip to Africa, which inspired their charitable solar work abroad.

We have wielded and marveled over its ability to provide economic empowerment to people of all creeds, backgrounds and stripes, via improved global health, educational opportunity, savings, and individual ownership of energy production. After experiencing the benefits of installing solar products for orphanages in off-grid communities, Go Solar Group founders decided to pursue affordable solar in America so they could provide help to the African communities it serves. 

Specialists at Go Solar Group set the appointment, design the solar array, submit financing, complete and submit permitting and assist with the solar array installation and tax incentive documentation for you and your New Mexico home.

Go Solar Group's Product Suite and Services

Go Solar Group has several levels of battery backup and multiple solar installation options. To learn more, check out our wide variety of solar products!

A Solar Incentive That Keeps on Giving: Referrals

New Mexico residents who are interested in adding solar to their home have access to many incentives. However, most don't think about company referral programs when they think about saving money on their arrays. 

Go Solar Group knows that it's natural to want to share quality products and experiences with friends and family. We appreciate it when others spread the word about what we have to offer and we want to reward them for it. 

With our referral programs, you get $500 for each referral you give us that decides to go solar, with no limit to the number of referrals from which you can earn. 

Go Solar Group Success Stories and Testimonials

“We’re just really pleased with the result of working with Go Solar.”

“The city inspector told me he never has an issue with Go Solar Group installations.”

“It’s just nice to know we have some money invested in a place that’s doing the world and me some good.”

Wayne Sumner

“I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on.”

“They are committed to the long-term benefit of the customer.”

“They were always there for me beyond the initial sale of the system.”

Steven Cummings

“I Want the Truth and I Felt Like We Were Getting that With Go Solar.”

“They Coordinated and Scheduled Everything for Us.”

“It Wasn’t a Sales Pitch. It Was Giving Us All the Facts We Needed.”

Andrew Morgenegg

“If you’re looking to put solar on your home, I would recommend them because of the way they treated us.”

“The best part was working with the people.”

“They showed us (in contrast to competitors) what I figured would be a much better situation.”

Dave Eckersley

What to Look for in a New Mexico Solar Panel Installation Company

There’s a bewildering array of solar companies out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With some companies, the weaknesses outweigh the strengths — but it can be hard to tell when that is. In this piece, we’ll give you an idea of what to look for in a solar company to ensure that you get the best possible installation and service. 

Straightforwardness About the Solar Process

The first major thing to know about solar companies is that a good company will always be straightforward with you. Adding solar panels to your home is a major investment, and it’s understandable that a homeowner will want to know what’s going on during the entire process. Unfortunately, some solar companies will keep their customers in the dark during the installation process, which can lead to misunderstandings or worse.

An Informed Homeowner with Solar Is a Happy Homeowner

Just like buying a house, a solar installation takes some time. A walkthrough is needed to ensure that the location is right. In this case, that walkthrough is the first step to getting a solar quote — a customized offer made specifically for your home. Many experts recommend getting multiple quotes. During this time, the specialist who inspects your home will be able to tell you about the factors that will go into adding solar to your home. Among these factors are the pitch of your roof, the direction your roof is facing, and the shading around your home. A good solar company will have a specialist who can tell you about these factors, why they matter, and whether your home possesses the right qualities. If your home is not a good fit for solar, the specialist should not lead you on by saying that it is.

Consultative, Non-Sales-y Approaches

Some solar companies are focused more on the volume of sales than the quality of their services or customer satisfaction. These companies will often try to push you into purchasing solar, even if you are reluctant. It should go without saying that a good solar company will want you to feel comfortable during the installation process. A solar installation is a lifetime investment that may involve contact with the solar company over the years for potential repairs or cleanings. Because solar is such a big purchase, a good solar company will want to keep a good relationship with all their customers. Unfortunately, some solar companies will push people who are unsure into purchasing solar, only to then cease contact with them, or give them the runaround, should problems arise. This is particularly true for national-level solar companies — those which operate in most, or all, states in the US. Many of these companies simply do not have the time or inclination to keep up with all of their customers, leaving solar homeowners to wait for weeks or even months before they receive a reply. It is for this reason that many solar experts recommend going with more local companies. 

What Products New Mexico Solar Companies Offer

Your solar installation can only be as good as the products used to construct it. A solar installation built out of cheap or low-quality materials is going to be low-quality itself. Unfortunately, many solar companies don’t publish the panels they will be using. This stops you from doing the research necessary to determine whether you’re getting the full value of your potential solar array. Our product comparisons pages will help you in this endeavor. 

What Solar Panels Will They Use?

Not all solar panels are created equal. Some panels are very high quality, possessing excellent efficiency ratings and good warranties. These panels are, however, understandably expensive. Other panels are cheap, having low-efficiency ratings, and aren’t very durable. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell which is which — unless you do the research beforehand.

Cheap Panels Can Cause Trouble

Solar panels are meant to be a long-term project. The best panels are going to be those with high-efficiency warranties over a period of 25 years. They guarantee a certain amount of power over the years, making sure that you get the best value for your money. Cheap panels, on the other hand, often have bad warranties and low-efficiency ratings. They might have a cheaper upfront price, but they often have problems down the road. Low-quality solar panels almost always mean that you’ll be saving much less money in the long run.

Go Solar Group’s Solar Panels of Choice

Go Solar Group proudly advertises that we stick with high-quality solar panels for our arrays. We use German-engineered Axitec panels, which stack up well against the competition when it comes to overall value. These panels aren’t out of the price range of the average American homeowner who wishes to go solar, unlike some other expensive panel brands like SunPower, while also being high quality. 

What Other Products Do They Offer?

Some companies will lure in customers with promises that solar panels will provide them with energy security, should the grid go down. What they don’t tell their customers is that this can only be done with backup — whether a secure power supply or battery backup. A good solar company will work with the customer to determine their backup energy needs. Together, the installer and the customer can work out when purchasing battery backup is a good option. It should be based entirely on the needs of the customer and not on the ideas of a pushy sales expert. That is why Go Solar Group offers three levels of battery backup that can be customized to any situation. Finally, it is important to check the other products offered by the company as well. These can include smart thermostats, which can help reduce energy bills alongside solar, and what inverters they offer. For example, Go Solar Group utilizes the well-regarded SolarEdge inverters.

A Good Solar Company Does Your Complex Paperwork for You

Nobody likes doing paperwork. One of the worst parts of going solar is the many forms and permits that need to be completed to get your installation approved. The wait time often takes customers by surprise, who don’t realize that the average wait time is three to four weeks to get their installation approved. This sometimes makes them think that the company is engaged in a bait and switch, though that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A good solar company will be straightforward with you, as we covered above. They will keep you up to date on the installation process and make sure that you know what is happening with each step. This way, you’ll know for sure that nothing strange is happening.

Make Sure the Company Is NABCEP Certified

A good solar company does its own paperwork as well. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is an accreditation body that ensures that all installers are experts in their field. The NABCEP is often considered to set the gold standard for solar energy installers. There are several types of certification that the NABCEP offers. Everything from the PV Installation Professional to the PV Technical Sales Specialist can receive their own certification confirming that they’re trained and competent. A solar company that does not have NABCEP certified employees is one that may potentially have shoddy workmanship.

Make Sure They’ll Help You Understand and Receive Your Incentives

One of the reasons that solar is so affordable, compared to just ten years ago, is because of the many incentives that have been implemented. Chief among these incentives is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), worth 26 percent of your solar installation’s value. On top of the federal incentives, New Mexico offers several state-level incentives that can shave additional costs off of going solar. A good solar company will be able to explain the incentives to you simply and succinctly. Additionally, while you may need to do the paperwork yourself, they should be able to help you through the process.

New Mexico Energy Conserving Resources and Tips

New Mexico’s sunny climate typifies why it’s a great energy conservation area. With Gov. Grisham’s ambitious plans to promote renewable energy, homeowners, too, can be conscious of their energy usage. 

Renewable Energy Bills and Goals in New Mexico

The city of Albuquerque has pledged to move the city government to 100 percent clean energy within four years.  

Reinstated tax credit: Homeowners who can purchase solar arrays can apply for a 10 percent tax credit toward the purchase of a system. 

House Bill 50 and 223: Transmission line projects are eligible to receive funding for infrastructure and New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) to create a plan to modernize New Mexico’s energy grid and a grant program

New Mexico Solar Bills

Energy Consumption by Sector

For New Mexico homeowners, these initiatives provide a step in the right direction to ensure seismic action is taken to protect the environment, without limiting the job security, and prosperity, of rural and urban communities.

17.1 Percent Residential Sector

Homeowners have a unique chance to decrease that statistic by using residential solar on their own homes. Additionally, homeowners have opportunities to reduce their energy use through purchasing energy-efficient appliances and using less hot water. By reducing energy usage, homeowners both reduce their power bills and their carbon footprint.

32.3 Percent Transportation Sector

It’s time for car owners to start considering electric vehicles. Vehicles powered by fossil fuels are one of the main sources of carbon emissions. Given the structure of American cities, it can be difficult for the average American to get around without a vehicle. However, there are ways to cut down on energy usage and carbon emissions in the transportation sector. Among these ways are investing in public transportation, and incentivizing the sale of electric vehicles over those powered by fossil fuels.

50.5 Percent Industrial and Commercial Sector

New Mexico legislation would work to alleviate the emissions by cracking down on organizations, and enforcing stricter protocols for them to follow, with the new renewable energy bills. Some of the ways in which legislation would impact these groups would be through incentivizing wind and solar power over natural gas, along with pushing energy-efficient appliances and machines.

Transportation and Residential Solar: Main Avenues for Reducing Energy Use

While there are some sectors that must be ultimately solved by governmental legislation, there are still many available options for New Mexico homeowners to conserve energy in at least two of the sectors — residential and transportation.

Energy Consumption by Sector

How To Conserve Energy

A free home energy audit can help reduce the energy usage of your appliances.

Smart thermostats are an excellent way to regulate energy use.

Energy-efficient appliances can be financed with the help of rebates.

Start With a Home Energy Audit From PNM

Start with a home energy audit through PNM Home Energy Checkup to assess the amount of energy your home uses and what appliances should be updated. Homeowners can look for products that have specific certifications like ENERGY STAR, LEED Certified, etc.

“According to the Department of Energy, a new HVAC system can save you anywhere from 20-40 percent on heating and cooling costs annually. Light bulbs in particular can be quite efficient. New LED bulbs, depending on the type, can use anywhere from 25-80 percent less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs.”

From these numbers, we can see that a home audit through PNM is an easy first step towards converting a home or business to being more energy-efficient. It can help determine which appliances need to be updated.

Smart Thermostats

Install innovative technology that automatically adjusts temperature based on the temperature of the house and when the homeowner leaves. If you set your thermostat 1-2 degrees higher or lower than your usual number, you’ll see a 1-3 percent savings in your energy bill. They learn what your preferences are and what temperature you prefer during specific times in the day. They inform your of your energy usage on the screen, so you can adjust it to reduce cost. Sensors track when the homeowner leaves, and uses geo-tracking technology to detect when your phone is away from the house to prevent dangerous temperatures.

Smart Thermostats Are an Easy Way To Cut Down Energy Use

There are myriad ways to make sure that your home is resilient without wasting extra energy. These simple steps should help reduce your energy bills and improve the environment in the process.

Energy Rebates

Receive rebates when updating your appliances. If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, you could save money replacing it with a new ENERGY-STAR-certified refrigerator. Old fridges that are less energy-efficient can be recycled and New Mexico residents can receive a $50 rebate.

PNM offers a number of rebates for those looking to get more energy-efficient cooling equipment. Purchasing select large swamp coolers can net a homeowner up to a $300 rebate. Purchasing select window-mounted swamp coolers can qualify for up to a $100 rebate. Purchasing select room air conditioning units can net homeowners a $25 rebate.

Should you need to update your heating, the New Mexico Gas Company will cover 25 percent, or up to $500, of the cost of adding more efficient insulation to your home. Additionally, select heating units can receive a rebate of between $200 and $375. Finally, while not a full rebate, PNM offers instant discounts for purchasing energy-efficient light bulbs.

Energy Rebates Can Cut Down the Cost of Energy Efficient Appliances

Reduce your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees.

Turn down your laundry temperature to save on energy.

Move your faucet lever to the cold position.

Save Energy Through Cold Water

Some of the easiest ways to reduce energy usage are through appliances that use water. Heating water is a major source of energy use for any home. By reducing the temperature and amount of hot water used, home and business owners can reduce their power bills significantly.

Reducing water temperature is one of the key factors. Reducing the temperature used in laundry cycles will bring little change to the quality of the washing, but it will reduce the overall power that clothes washing routines require.

Additionally, reducing the temperature of the building’s water heater, in general, will also reduce the amount of power used. Finally, turning the faucet to “hot” while using small amounts of water will pull more hot water than necessary. Turning the faucet to “cold” while using small amounts of water puts less work on a water heater. You can also reduce water temperatures to reduce power bills.

Conserve Energy by Going Solar

Solar energy is climate-friendly.

Solar energy can save enough water to service 1.3 million homes.

Solar power can reduce air pollution.

Reducing air pollution can save up to 25,000 lives a year.

One of the most practical ways to conserve energy is to install solar arrays on a home. Not only can you conserve energy, but you save money since you are not relying on a utility company. Solar power has multiple effects on the environment beyond the obvious. Solar energy combats climate change by reducing fossil fuel use. Additionally, increased solar energy use has also been correlated with reduced water use and better health prospects for those with respiratory problems.

Solar power can save enough water to service 1.3 million homes. Instead of sending water to power plants or using it for waste removal, water can be conserved in areas hard-hit by drought. This can help lessen the strain that local reservoirs and aquifers are put under during the summer months. For desert states like New Mexico, this reduced water usage is essential to maintaining the quality of life in the face of climate change.

Solar power can save more than 25,000 lives by reducing pollution, helping those with respiratory problems and other disabilities. Higher pollution rates have been correlated with larger numbers of children developing asthma. By reducing pollution, we can help those who already have asthma and keep others from developing it. Keeping our cities clean and our skies clear is a victory for both keeping our cities beautiful and for keeping the people healthy.

Energy Conservation Ideas

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy brought in $1 billion in profits in 2019.

Solar energy supports 2,000 jobs in New Mexico.

Solar energy will support 6,800 jobs by 2030.

Solar energy produces fewer emissions.

The Economic Benefits of Solar

Renewable energy brought more than $1 billion in profits during 2019, placing it as one of the rising stars of New Mexico’s business sector. Investing in solar power is a hot topic in New Mexico and will likely continue to increase as the state gets closer to its carbon emission goals.

Currently, solar energy supports around 2,000 jobs in New Mexico, according to Powering New Mexico. While this is a small industry, comprising roughly 0.01 percent of workers in New Mexico, it is set to triple in the next decade. This growth in the solar industry is likely to go hand in hand with other forms of employment in the renewable industry and in related fields, having a ripple effect throughout the state.

In 2019, Governor Michelle Grisham signed the Energy Transition Act, pledging that 50 percent of New Mexico’s power will come from renewable sources by 2030, and 80 percent by 2040. According to the American Jobs Project, New Mexico is predicted to have approximately 6,800 jobs in the solar industry within the next ten years. Solar power, alongside wind power, are two major industries set to grow in light of the Energy Transition Act. As New Mexico gets closer to its renewable energy goals, the renewable energy industry will likely accelerate its growth, expanding at exponential rates. This will continue the trend we are currently seeing from 2019-2030.

At the end of 2020, PNM Resources merged with Avangrid, Inc, in a landmark $4.3 billion deal. This deal is one of several factors allowing PNM Resources to further invest in New Mexico’s renewable energy sector and in new renewable energy technologies. PNM Resources, given its unique position in the state, is in a prime position to help accelerate the shift towards renewable forms of energy as fossil fuels are phased out.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar

Solar energy reduces carbon emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change. Because solar energy does not rely on fossil fuels, which produce carbon when burned, it is considered to be a “clean energy” source. Many states, including New Mexico, are pushing solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Electricity generation produces 28 percent of all emissions within the United States. This is tied with emissions produced by transportation, placing electricity generation as one of the highest contributors of pollution. Reducing electricity generation emissions is one of the most impactful ways to reduce the effects of climate change.

However, fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, even when combined with carbon capture and storage technology, still produce much larger carbon footprints than renewables. This holds true for all levels of production, from extraction to manufacturing, to usage. Because of this, fossil fuels, even when combined with carbon capture, cannot be relied on as the main power source in the face of climate change.

Solar energy, being emissions-free, can reduce the number of emissions produced by electricity significantly. It stands alongside hydropower, geothermal energy, and wind power as ways to produce electricity without pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, all of these forms of energy are renewable. This stands in stark contrast with the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels left on the planet — and the increasingly destructive ways in which they are extracted.

Renewables Reduce Carbon Emissions

New Mexico is a prime location for not only saving money on your power bills but also for reducing your impact on the environment. Energy-efficient appliances are a good first step. These appliances are often available for rebates, which lower costs even more! These appliances include efficient climate control units, smart thermostats, and refrigerators.

Renewable energy is a growing industry in America in general, and New Mexico more specifically. Solar power alone supports thousands of jobs, with the employment rate in this industry projected to more than triple in the next decade. Wind and geothermal sectors will contribute even more jobs to the renewable energy industry in New Mexico.

Finally, solar power is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of producing energy. Unlike fossil fuels, which emit CO2, solar panels keep emissions to a minimum. On top of providing homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy, solar energy also reduces water use and cuts down on air pollution. Cutting down on water use is particularly relevant in New Mexico, where water can be scarce. Keeping the air clean reduces asthma rates and can save tens of thousands of lives a year.

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