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New Mexico Solar Company Comparisons
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New Mexico Solar Company Comparison: Vivint

Vivint Solar is a well-known name in the solar industry, but that doesn’t mean it is the best option for your New Mexico home. Multiple installation companies serve New Mexico. Deciding which one is best depends on what you value in a solar installation.

Products Offered by Each New Mexico Solar Installer

While most solar companies offer similar products, the product offerings aren’t the same. Taking time to familiarize yourself with Go Solar Group and Vivint products will help you determine which will meet your needs.

Go Solar Group’s Product Suite

Go Solar Group has a selection of solar panels and some preferred brands for inverters, racking, monitoring, solar batteries and smart thermostats. These product brands include LG, Titan and Hanwha Q CELL solar panels. Go Solar Group also carries solar edge inverters, Everest and Iron Ridge mounting racks, SolarEdge solar monitoring, Tesla and Goal Zero solar batteries and The Nest smart thermostat.

These products are high quality, and they provide our New Mexico customers with a selection of solar products that can match their energy and storage needs while still fitting into their budget restrictions.

Additionally, Go Solar Group uses Titan solar as its trusted installation partner. Together with Titan, Go Solar Group makes sure that each installation meets all our New Mexico customer needs.

Vivint Solar Products

Vivint has a selection of both solar and solar plus products. These products, if used together, could decrease your carbon footprint even further.

Vivint and Sunrun Solar Panels

Vivint is a Sunrun company. As such, they offer Sunrun solar panels. Not much is shared about these solar panels on the internet, so make sure you ask for the solar panel specs, so you can compare them to the other options you are considering.

Solar Storage Selection

Vivint offers its customers the Sunrun bright box service. This service includes a Sunrun approved home battery, monitoring and maintenance. While Vivint doesn’t state which solar batteries they use, the website has pictures of LG and Tesla home batteries.

Adding an EV Charger to Your Solar Home

Those with electric vehicles or who would like to get one in the future may like that Vivint installs EV chargers and solar. Vivint installs ChargePoint 240 volt home chargers. This charger provides a fast charge, monitoring and scheduling. This charger is also compatible with many electric vehicles.

Reroofing Services Through Vivint

Because Vivint installs solar products, it saw a need for helping customers with roofs that aren’t strong enough for solar. This service comes in handy for homeowners that want solar but need their roof replaced first. It’s also beneficial for those who get solar with Vivint and then reroof later. If you have recently reroofed your home, installing solar shouldn’t be a problem. However, during the solar quote process, the solar company will determine whether it’s necessary to replace your roof.

Additional New Mexico Solar Company Perks to Consider

When it comes to solar company perks, no two companies are the same. Some companies offer several additional perks, and others don’t have many if any. Whether these bonus solar services matter depends on the customer’s needs and values.

Other Reasons to Consider Go Solar Group for Your New Mexico Home

Some solar companies have additional features to consider. At Go Solar Group, these features include our non-profit partnership and our solar incentive.

The Non-profit 1heart1mind

1heart1mind is a non-profit that focuses on providing disadvantaged Ugandan children with their needs and Ugandan community members with opportunities to better themselves. 1heart1mind meets these needs and opportunities through education, healthcare, micro-financing and renewable energy. The Go Solar Group founders started this non-profit first. As a result, this solar company has played a large part in funding this non-profit. In addition to participation in 1heart1mind fundraisers, Go Solar Group helps 1heart1mind by donating a portion of each solar installation towards 1heart1mind microloans.

Company Solar Incentive

Go Solar Group has an incentive program for customers and non-customers. This program rewards individuals for sharing Go Solar Group with their friends and family. They receive a cash incentive for each successful referral.

Going Solar With Vivint: Additional Solar Incentives

While Vivint does offer some solar plus products, it doesn’t have any additional incentives. Not having any extra incentives isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it is worth considering when it comes time to decide between Vivint and Go Solar Group for your New Mexico home.

Payment Plan Options for Your NM Solar Installation

While paying cash for solar would provide the most savings, most don’t have cash ready to invest in solar. Instead, many use payment plans to help them take advantage of the benefits of residential solar now. However, which payment plan option you choose will determine how much you will save.

Go Solar Group Payment Choices

Go Solar Group doesn’t offer solar leasing options. Instead, we only have cash and loan options. Go Solar Group feels that leased solar provides fewer benefits to the customer

Vivint Solar Financing Options

Vivint offers three different financing options. These options include either a loan, a lease or cash.

Solar Loan

Those who choose to enter a solar loan make monthly payments towards a solar array they own. Because these customers own the system, they also get ownership benefits, like federal and New Mexico solar incentives.

Solar PPA and Leases

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a solar lease. This financing option allows the customer to pay less each month. However, because the solar company owns leased systems, the customer doesn’t have ownership benefits. This option also costs more than purchasing the solar array outright or through a loan.

Solar Purchase

If you can afford to pay cash for a solar array, you will save the most money. This option costs less because there isn’t any interest involved. It also allows the customer to take full advantage of the incentives involved with owning a solar array.


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