New Mexico Competitor Comparison: Sunrun

New Mexico Sunrun Competitor Comparison

Obtaining a quote from every solar company would become time-consuming fast, which is why we put together competitor comparisons for solar companies in the areas we service. Our competitor comparisons help interested homeowners find the quick facts. These facts help them determine which companies are worth the time and energy of a solar quote.

Sunrun Background

Sunrun is a full-service solar company. They’ve provided solar solutions since 2007 and have headquarters in California. In October of 2020, Sunrun acquired Vivint and all of the nationwide company’s customers. Sunrun now serves 22 states and Puerto Rico. 

Product Comparisons Between Sunrun and Go Solar Group

This post covers various product comparisons between these companies, including solar panel options and battery backup.

Solar Panels

Every solar company has different solar panel offerings to consider. Homeowners should first ensure that the companies under consideration carry the solar panel type best suited for their project. If you prefer a specific solar panel brand, make sure the solar company uses it or can access them before spending time sitting down and looking at the numbers with them.

Doing research beforehand will save you time by narrowing your search before getting a quote. Then when you start entertaining quotes, you will know that each company bid has what you want in a solar installation.

Go Solar Group Solar Panels

Go Solar Group’s solar panel product suite offers premium monocrystalline solar panels from LG, Hanwha Q CELLS, and Silfab. Some of the panels Go Solar Group offers have the same wattage rating. However, they have different dimensions, making them a better fit for homes with limited space. 

Sunrun Solar Panels

Sunrun’s website does not state whether the company prefers one solar panel brand over another. Instead, it makes a vague statement about using high-quality solar panels. While this could mean they have access to most solar panels, it’s harder for the customer to decide if Sunrun has what they want. Customers will need a quote to determine if this company has their preferred solar panel.


Inverters are a vital part of a solar array. They convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current(AC), so homes can use the power.

Most solar installers choose between two inverter types. These include string inverters and microinverters.

String inverters use a series of strings to direct the generated current to one inverter. Microinverters go on the back of each solar panel and manage the current’s conversion at the solar panel.

Go Solar Group Inverter

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge inverters. These string inverters use power optimizers to help reduce the impact of shade and limited space on the system’s efficiency.

Sunrun Inverter

Sunrun uses the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter. This optimized string inverter allows for electric vehicle charging and generator hook up. 

Battery Backup Options

Solar batteries complete solar arrays by providing storage for excess solar production during the day. This stored electricity can offset energy needs at night or during inclement weather when solar panels don’t turn sunlight into electricity.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup

Go Solar Group has three battery backup levels. These options include two Goal Zero emergency battery packages or the Tesla Powerwall. 

Sunrun Battery Backup Options: Brightbox

Sunrun offers Brightbox with its battery backup options. Brightbox is a maintenance package customers can add to either the LG Chem or the Tesla Powerwall.

Referral Rewards Programs: A Company Incentive Worth Considering

Federal and state tax credits help customers afford residential solar. However, savings can become limitless when customers take advantage of company referral programs. Though not a deal-breaker, a quality referral program can sweeten the deal and break a tie.

Go Solar Group Referral Rewards Programs

Go Solar Group offers rewards for both customers and non-customers alike. For each installed referral, we reward the individual who sent them our way with $500. This reward is a limitless cash incentive, which means you can use it on anything and continue to receive incentives for each friend or family member who installs with us.

Referral Programs Through Sunrun

Sunrun offers customers and non-customers $1,000 gift cards. Participants receive a gift card if the person they referred meets all of the Sunrun referral program requirements and installs a solar array.

Solar Payment Programs

Solar isn’t free; it’s better. It saves money on electricity bills over the life of the solar array. Many confuse zero-down solar payment programs with free solar. However, truthfully these programs do cost money up-front. Most of these programs try to match current electricity bills, which prevents customers from having financial strain when solar payments replace their utility bills. However, the type of payment program determines the total savings and transferability of the solar array should they decide to move.

Go Solar Group Payment Program Options

Go Solar Group has zero-down loan and cash payment options. These options offer the customer the most return on investment.

Sunrun Payment Program Options

Sunrun offers cash, loan, and leasing options. Leasing solar is the least beneficial for the homeowner. They don’t own the solar array, which poses some issues. First, they don’t get the solar tax credits. Secondly, they can’t sell the house until the lease is up unless they pay to get out of the lease early or find a buyer willing to take on the lease, which isn’t likely.


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