SolarCity vs. Go Solar Group: New Mexico Comparison

NM Solar City Competitor Review

Both SolarCity and Go Solar Group serve multiple states. This comparison looks at what each solar company offers New Mexicans.

Years Serving New Mexico Residents

While the years a company has served the community isn’t everything, it is worth mentioning because a company that has been in business for a long time is more likely to stay in business.

SolarCity in New Mexico

SolarCity was founded in 2006. It started to struggle in 2015, and Tesla acquired it in 2016. Tesla’s press release for SolarCity’s entrance into the New Mexico solar market is dated March 4, 2015. It was the 16th state that SolarCity had entered.

Go Solar Group in New Mexico

Go Solar Group officially entered New Mexico on May 4, 2021. While Go Solar Group is fresh to this market, it isn’t new to solar. It has been in business since 2009.

New Mexico Solar Resources

Homeowners don’t need a salesperson pushing them to buy their solar products. They need accurate information. However, finding this information can be a bit tricky at times, which is why we have determined what solar information SolarCity and Go Solar Group offer specifically for their New Mexico customers.

SolarCity New Mexico Resources

While Tesla offers information about its solar products, it does not have easy-to-find state-specific information. It does, however, have one hidden support page that addresses solar and electric vehicle federal and state incentives.

Go Solar Group New Mexico Resources

Go Solar Group has a comprehensive solar blog. These posts help potential customers become more familiar with solar. It also has New Mexico blog posts with information specific to New Mexicans. These posts offer NM homeowners the information they need to determine if their space is a good fit for solar.

Reviewing Each Company’s Offered Products

Solar City Products

Financing Options

In the Tesla press release, New Mexico was named the first state exclusively installed with MyPower. MyPower was a loan that charged customers based on their system’s production. However, by 2016 SolarCity recalled this financing option. Now SolarCity offers cash or loan purchasing options through Tesla.

Solar Array Options

Since being acquired by Tesla, Solar City has sold Tesla-branded solar panels and solar shingles. However, who has manufactured these has changed over the years. As of July 2021, Tesla has manufactured their own 420-watt solar panel.

Referral Program

Solar City uses the Tesla referral program. The program used to pay both the customer and the referrer, but now it pays customers $500 for friends and family that install solar roofs and $300 for those who install solar panels.

Solar Group Products

Financing Options

Go Solar Group customers can enjoy solar by purchasing it with cash or entering a low-rate solar loan. Go Solar Group has compared solar loans to leasing options and has decided that loans provide more value to most homeowners.

Solar Array Options

Go Solar Group has a great product lineup. It carries solar panels by LG, Silfab and Hanwha Q CELLS. Go Solar Group also has several battery backup levels, allowing every customer the option to add some level of backup to their system. These battery levels use both Goal Zero products and the Tesla Powerwall.

Referral Program

Go Solar Group’s referral program pays customers and non-customers alike for sharing solar with their friends and family. Each referral that purchases solar from Go Solar Group earns the referrer $500.

Humanitarian Work

Go Solar Group’s motivation stems from a desire to help others. It started as a desire to help Africans and turned into a business that donates a portion of each U.S. solar installation towards 1heart1mind. You also help others when you choose Go Solar Group for your New Mexico solar project.


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