New Mexico Competitor Comparison: Positive Solar Energy

New Mexico Solar Company Comparisons
New Mexico Solar Company Comparison: Positive Solar Energy

Positive Solar Energy has a lot going for it, but it’s important for potential solar customers in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area of New Mexico to see the whole picture. Finding the right solar company can be a time-consuming process. However, our competitor comparisons minimize the time needed to make a choice. Below is a comparison of the products and services offered by Go Solar Group and Positive Solar Energy.

Should You Go with The Solar Expert or An Installer Who’s Been in the Market Longer?

While Go Solar Group has not been serving the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area as long as Positive Solar Energy, Go Solar Group has knowledgeable staff, a comprehensive blog and works with Titan Solar Power, a reputable solar installer.

Comparing Company Values

Choosing a solar company that is newer in the market than its competitors can have benefits. Newer companies may work harder to provide excellent service to new customers, who tend to make up a much larger percentage of their customer base compared with companies that have been serving the market longer.

A company’s values can help customers understand its goals and intentions. Both Go Solar Group and Positive Solar Energy have strong company values that set them apart from other solar companies in the New Mexico market, some of which use regrettably dishonest and shady sales tactics.

Positive Solar Energy Values

As a Certified B Corporation, Positive Solar Energy strives to help the environment and society as a whole through ethical business practices, an employee-owned business platform, and engagement in community service organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. The company’s No. 1 focus, however, is creating a positive solar experience for all of its customers. 

Go Solar Group Values

While Go Solar Group hasn’t gone through the B Corp Certification process, it does care about the environment and the communities it serves. Not only does Go Solar Group have a history of service in the local communities in which it installs solar, it also engages in charitable activities abroad through, a nonprofit founded by its executive team to bring clean solar power to homes worldwide.

For every solar array Go Solar Group installs in the U.S., the company micro finances an equivalent system for a Ugandan family in need. 1heart1mind also works to make high-quality education cost-effective and accessible to Ugandan children. The organization recently built a solar-powered boarding school with a headmaster and teaching staff. Go Solar Group’s CEO, Keven Jensen, is a member of the Board of Directors for Mothers Without Borders in Africa and SelectHealth.

In all of its operations, Go Solar Group commits to values of giving back, accountability, synergy, and improvement.

Helping Customers Choose the Best New Mexico Solar Company for them

While trying a new product for $5 or even $15 may not take a lot of thought or research, installing a home solar array costs quite a bit more. While the price tag is big, the savings are even bigger. Although solar customers generally save a lot of money, people choosing a solar company should be asking questions not only about short-term savings but about other criteria too. That’s where each New Mexico solar company’s expertise comes into play.

Thankfully, Go Solar Group is an expert on solar, and has written a free guide for homeowners interested in solar, which covers 10 crucial steps to a successful solar installation and maximizing the benefits of solar.

How Positive Solar Energy Educates Customers

Positive Solar Energy has installed solar panels in New Mexico since 1997. As a long-time local company, this solar provider has proven experience in the state and know-how regarding the installation process. The company claims to provide efficient, friendly, and hassle-free service, and to educate its customers throughout the process.

Go Solar Group’s Focus: Education, Not Sales Tactics

Keeping customers informed about the progress of their solar installation improves the homeowner’s experience. However, customers often need additional resources to turn to when questions arise. This is when knowledgeable solar consultants and helpful solar-specific content for homeowners based on their location can be most helpful.

Go Solar Group focuses on educating its customers, rather than convincing them to buy. This consultative approach helps New Mexico homeowners make well-informed choices about all the variables that matter to them.

The Role of Quality Solar Products

When comparing solar companies, the products they offer and the price point they quote go hand-in-hand. Customers should first consider their solar needs and which products and services will help achieve their solar-specific goals, whether the goals involve savings or protecting the environment.

Positive Solar Energy Products

According to the company’s website, Positive Solar Energy offers REC Alpha solar panels, The REC N-Peak Series, LG NeON 2, LG NeON R, and SunPower solar panels.

Most of the company’s customer reviews refer to the SunPower solar panel. Positive Solar Energy offers a 30-year extended warranty on the panels, which covers all electrical and mechanical failures from using the solar array regularly, as intended.  

Positive Solar Energy’s website only promotes the Tesla Powerwall and financing through Nusenda Credit Union. However, according to the industry websites EnergySage and SolarReviews, the company also arranges solar financing through HomeWise, and carries Enphase and Solar Edge inverters, Unirac mounting equipment, and Sonnen home batteries.

Go Solar Group Products

As part of the Go Solar Group Product Suite, the company offers premium solar panel products by LG, Hanwha Q CELLS, and Silfab, to ensure that its installers can meet each customer’s unique needs.

Go Solar Group offers SolarEdge inverters, Everest and Iron Ridge mounting products, the Tesla Powerwall home battery, Goal Zero emergency battery options, and the Nest E thermostat.  

Go Solar Group also works with lenders to offer low-interest loans with a zero down payment. These programs allow solar homeowners to replace their electricity bills with a monthly solar payment, avoiding financial strain.

Which Company Is Best for You?

While this comparison has given an overview of each company’s offerings, it isn’t a substitute for a free customized quote based on your home’s electricity usage patterns. If one or both of these companies feel like a good option, ask for a customized quote from either or both of them. Bear in mind, however, that price should not be the only factor in choosing a solar company. A company’s expertise and values, the educational resources it provides, and its ability to balance price with product quality, are important factors as well.

While Go Solar Group would like to serve all the homeowners who read this post, helping all solar customers in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area find the best fit for them is our top priority.


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