Albuquerque Competitor Comparison: OE Solar

OE Solar Competitor Comparison

Homeowners searching for the best solar company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have more than one reputable company to consider. Both Go Solar Group and OE Solar bear hallmarks of high-quality solar installation and service. Each has 12 years of experience in residential installations, positive solar company reviews, and strong industry certifications. Both show a commitment to educating customers about solar power. The two solar companies differ in some important ways too.

Solar Investments in Good Hands, with the Right Add-on Products

OE Solar stresses the fact it’s locally owned and operated in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area. Go Solar Group, a family-owned company that serves New Mexico, has broad experience installing solar arrays in the Western U.S. and overseas for its humanitarian efforts, but also has a couple of years of experience targeting the New Mexico market for residential solar. However, contrary to popular opinion, the number of years in which an Albuquerque solar company has been in the market doesn’t seem to bear much value, objectively speaking. Most of the companies contract out their installations through Titan Solar Power, just like Go Solar Group does.

Battery backup is important to homeowners who want to keep the lights on during a grid outage or a camping trip. Both Go Solar Group and OE Solar are licensed installers of the popular Tesla Powerwall, a market-leading home battery that can store excess power from a solar array before homeowners have to export leftover energy from their Powerwalls back onto the grid at below-market-rate due to PNM’s net metering policies.

In addition to the Powerwall, Go Solar Group also offers two additional, more flexible battery backup options that can help keep the fridge, electric lights, medical equipment, and home-security systems running. Goal Zero’s Yeti 1500 can power an average fridge for about 28 hours, and its Yeti 3000 can store about twice as much power in its lithium-ion battery framework.

Educating Albuquerque Solar Prospects on Complex Products

Both Go Solar Group and OE Solar show a commitment to educating homeowners digitally, making their solar acumen accessible to all. We do this best with our comprehensive knowledge base, which includes up-to-date info on everything from our glossary page to solar incentives in the state of New Mexico.

OE Solar publishes a blog with occasional posts, including questions to ask your solar installer and tips to extend the life of your solar array. Go Solar Group publishes a more comprehensive blog, where the company strives to give homeowners all the product and brand information they need to make wise decisions about this major investment. The blog also asserts Go Solar Group’s thought leadership on topics ranging from global climate change to trends in solar incentives.

Solar Panels: The Main Product and the Main Contrast

Go Solar Group offers three premium solar module options. These panels include LG, Titan solar panels produced by Silfab and Hanwha Q CELL.

OE Solar says on its website that it installs Panasonic solar panels, a top-ranked premium brand. Solar Reviews, an industry website, says OE Solar also installs panels by Solaria. Trina, a made-in-China brand, and Sunpower, a highly ranked module made in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Referral Programs: the Overlap

Go Solar Group offers major referral incentives for those who install with them via its SunShare program, which pays $500 for each referral. There’s no limit to the number of referral payments any person can receive, and no requirement that a referrer is also is a customer. OE Solar recently began paying customers and employees $500 for each successful referral as well.

Spreading the Benefits of Solar Power

OE Solar cites affordable, quality service, design and craftsmanship. Go Solar Group embraces honest, affordable, high-quality service as well as accountability, synergy and improvement. Also, the company was founded on humanitarian values. After a service trip to Africa, its two founders felt inspired to expand the use of residential solar power.  For every solar array installed in the U.S., Go Solar Group micro-finances an equivalent solar array for a Ugandan family in need via a nonprofit affiliate,

With Go Solar Group’s help, the nonprofit also has built a solar-powered boarding school for Ugandan children, offering clean energy, teachers and a headmaster. These initiatives have sharply reduced Ugandans’ reliance on dangerous kerosene lanterns, reaching more than 5,300 off-grid households and providing solar light for more than 3 million child study-hours. Customers can enjoy knowing that by working with Go Solar Group, they aren’t just improving their own quality of life and reducing their carbon footprint — they’re helping a Ugandan family do the same.


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