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New Mexico Solar Company Comparisons
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NM Solar Group Competitor Comparison

Consumers shopping for solar panels for their New Mexico home have more than one choice of proven, reliable solar installers. Both NM Solar Group and Go Solar Group are leading solar companies in Albuquerque-Santa Fe metropoles. This comparison of the two companies aims to help homeowners choose the right fit for their unique needs and preferences.

Finding Reliable New Mexico Solar Installers Based on Reviews

Reaping the maximum benefit from a solar power investment can depend on factors that don’t spring to mind right away, such as the solar company’s expertise, product offerings, and values.

NM Solar Group Customer Sentiment

NM Solar Group is a six-year-old employee-owned company that handles both commercial and residential customers. Most of its customer reviews are uniformly positive, written shortly after installation, giving the company high marks for its local ownership and personable staff. “Smooth installation. Great price. Good communication,” one customer wrote. Another says she chose NM Solar Group “because they are a local company in a sea of large national companies.”

Go Solar Group Customer Sentiment

Go Solar Group, a family-owned company, has been in business twice as long, since 2009, and focuses on providing personalized service to New Mexico homeowners. Go Solar Group’s customer reviews praise its “friendly, knowledgeable and professional service,” but many also describe lasting benefits after installation. One homeowner says his “amazing” solar array has slashed his power bill by two-thirds.

Solar Products: the Gateway to Positive Customer Sentiment

Go Solar Group’s battery-backup options further enrich many customers’ experiences. One homeowner wrote of waking up one morning to a regional power blackout caused by wildfires in his region. His air conditioning, lights, computers, and phone chargers had continued to work seamlessly through the night, however, thanks to the home battery-backup system installed by Go Solar Group. While his neighbors fumed at being trapped inside garages controlled by electric door-openers, this Go Solar Group customer was able to hop in his car, exit his garage and start his day on time.

Want Product Versatility and Add-ons? Go Solar Group is Your Best Bet

Homeowners who want that kind of self-reliance should look for a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer the industry-leading home solar battery for whole-house backup. While federal safety regulations require solar arrays to shut down during a grid outage, the Powerwall can be integrated with the circuit breaker by installers with this prestigious credential, which we have. Go Solar Group also offers two smaller and portable battery setups you can power with your home solar panels and take with you on a camping trip.

If You’re Off-grid, NM Solar Group May Be the Best Option

While NM Solar Group isn’t a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, the company mentions on its website that it offers off-the-grid solar power kits. The industry website Solar Reviews says the company handles Sonnen and LG Chem home batteries. New Mexico homeowners shopping for a solar company should look for other credentials.

Solar Modules

Solar panel brands can make a big difference in the performance, durability, and ROI of a system over its 25- to 40-year lifespan.

NM Solar Group Solar Panels: Hyundai

NM Solar Group says it installs Hyundai solar panels, which it promotes on its website as “super energy-efficient.” While Hyundai panels are affordable, they’re actually among the least efficient solar panels on the market, according to a review by, an industry website. Hyundai’s equipment warranty, at five to ten years, is among the shortest in the industry. However, NM Solar Group also says it installs Panasonic Premium panels, a higher-quality brand. 

Our Premium Solar Panel Options

Go Solar Group offers three solar panel brands, enabling it to tailor each array to the homeowner’s budget, available space, and design preferences. The brands Go Solar Group carries includes LG, Silfab, and Hanwha Q CELLS. These modules range from 290 to 435 watts with efficiencies ranging between 17.4 – 21.9 percent.

Solar Quotes & Other Benefits for New Mexico Homes

The services offered by New Mexico solar installers can improve homeowners’ bottom line.

Pandemic-Friendly Remote Appointments and Savings Estimates

For customers concerned about staying safe during the pandemic and who have not yet had their COVID-19 vaccines completed, Go Solar Group can provide virtual/remote contact-less assessments with the same free customized proposal based on your home’s energy usage. Both NM Solar Group and Go Solar Group offer free, no-obligation home estimates. However, ours only takes 60 seconds to get you a general savings estimate based on PNM incentives, your monthly power bill, and more. With that information, we can begin setting up a no-cost proposal tailored to your home.

Humanitarian Solar Programs

Part of the value of going solar is the good feeling you get from protecting the environment. Both NM Solar Group and Go Solar Group offer customers a chance to spread those benefits to others around the world. For each solar array installed, NM Solar Group donates $20 to GivePower, a nonprofit that invests in clean water and energy projects in underdeveloped villages.

Go Solar Group was founded as a humanitarian venture, to spread the benefits of solar power to Ugandan families in need of cost-effective power. With each solar array it installs, Go Solar Group micro-finances an equivalent array for a family in Uganda. “It’s just nice to know,” one Go Solar customer says, “we have some money invested in a place that’s doing the world and me some good.”

Solar Referral Programs

Through its popular Referral programs, Go Solar Group offers $500 to any individual for referring a customer who buys a solar array from us, regardless of whether the referrer is a customer. There’s no limit to the number of $500 referral rewards an individual can receive. NM Solar Group mentions a referral program on its Facebook page but does not appear to offer specifics.


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