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Affordable Solar Energy Solar Company Comparison

Many homeowners shopping for a solar company in the greater Albuquerque-Santa Fe area want to know how long each installer has been servicing the local market. While this is certainly one factor in choosing the right solar company, it shouldn’t be the only one.

Many customers also try to find the cheapest price. In reality, however, the value of a home solar installation (which is determined by the quality and efficiency of the modules) is far more important to a homeowner’s long-term ROI than the price upfront.

Product quality and the company’s values can matter more than the number of years an installer has been working in a particular region. Furthermore, the services a solar company offers can make a bigger difference in the homeowner’s experience than the number of years spent working in the area.

Go Solar Group has installed solar arrays in the Western U.S. since 2009, about half as long as Affordable Solar Energy. But there are many other factors to unpack in comparing the two companies, including price, product information, and company values.

Does Affordable Mean Cheap Solar Products?

It’s in the name, so New Mexico homeowners have to ask: Does affordable mean cheap? An affordable solar installation does not necessarily mean low quality. However, comparing the products in free customized quotes can help homeowners choose a solar array that delivers the greatest long-term benefits.

Comparison of Solar Products

There are many factors involved in understanding how solar panels work. However, comparing solar products means much more than the brand of solar panels installed: It also involves the numerous components that go into making a solar array work. Customers should also consider the quality of the inverter, mounting system, and residential solar storage.

Solar Products Affordable Solar Energy Offers

According to Energy Sage and Solar Reviews, Affordable Solar Energy uses Enphase and Fimer inverters, Unirac mounting systems, and Hyundai solar panels. Affordable Solar Energy also lists features accompanying their products on their website, including a 25-year production guarantee. However, the company’s website does not delve into product specifics.

Go Solar Group’s Solar Product Suite

Go Solar Group’s product suite provides in-depth information on products and their specifications. The company typically uses SolarEdge inverters, Axitec’s 315-watt monocrystalline solar panels, and either Everest or Iron Ridge mounting systems.

Considering The Values of These New Mexico Solar Companies

Company values help determine the choices employees make and why. Most employees strive to translate company values into action. Many even choose to work for a company because of its core beliefs, and how well its actions align with those beliefs.  

Go Solar Group Company Values: Give Back, Accountability, Improvement & Know-How

Go Solar Group started because the founders saw an opportunity to give back while volunteering with Mothers Without Borders. While Go Solar Group was founded about a decade after Affordable Solar, its shorter history doesn’t detract from the clarity of its purpose, to use solar energy to improve the lives of people everywhere, and the environment in which we all live, through

The company’s values of accountability, synergy, and improvement help it to provide the best products and services, while still fulfilling its ultimate goal via its humanitarian work. For every solar array installed domestically, Go Solar Group micro finances the equivalent abroad for a Ugandan family in need, via SunKing solar products.

Also, with Go Solar Group’s help, has built a solar-powered boarding school for Ugandan children, offering clean reading light, teachers, and a headmaster. Go Solar Group has reached over 5,300 off-grid households with high-quality solar products in Uganda. The company’s solar products have enriched Ugandan lives by supporting more than 3 million child-study hours and entrepreneurial activities. Go Solar Group also has prevented the emission of over 3,932 tons of black carbon and provided clean water on the property for the children and surrounding communities.

When it comes to know-how, Go Solar Group has handled the most complex commercial and residential installs, and their encyclopedic understanding of the industry is tough to match. After all, Go Solar Group is the first New Mexico solar company to have published periodic tables of solar elements.

Affordable Solar Energy Company Values: Teamwork, Integrity and Customer Service 

Affordable Solar Energy places a strong emphasis on teamwork, integrity, and customer service. These goals have helped the company grow from a small business working out of a trailer to a multimillion-dollar company with over 80 employees. The company also has multiple programs that give back to the community, including time off for employees to do volunteer work and scholarships for youth.

Other Solar Company Factors to Consider

While quality products make a difference in the longevity of a solar array, a solar company’s other services often play a role in the customer’s decision. This is especially true when a customer is comparing two companies offering products of similar quality.

Go Solar Group and Affordable Solar Energy Referral Programs

Solar companies sometimes offer referral programs to reward people who spread the word about their positive experience with an installer. Both Go Solar Group and Affordable Solar Energy offer financial incentives for referrals by customers and non-customers alike. 

Go Solar Group’s Sun Share referral program pays $500 to those who refer another person who decides to install solar. The company sets no limit on the number of referrals a customer can submit. Affordable Solar Energy offers $250 for each successful referral and an additional $250 discount on the cost of the solar array.

Solar Experience vs. Expertise

While expertise and experience often go hand in hand, wise homeowners consider a variety of additional factors when choosing a solar company. Affordable Solar Energy has more years of experience than Go Solar Group, and its website offers a glossary, questions to ask, and other resources for homeowners.

Go Solar Group provides more educational materials on its website, however, including specific information about brands and types of equipment. We believe educating customers about the products we offer will help them feel comfortable that they’re making the best choice. Beyond that, our customers can enjoy knowing that by choosing Go Solar Group, they’re not just helping their own home and family — they’re helping a family in need overseas.


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