How New Mexico Solar Creates More Jobs

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How New Mexico Solar Creates More Jobs

Solar has many side benefits beyond providing clean energy and helping homeowners save money. One of those benefits is providing well-paying job opportunities for people across the country. Nowhere is this more clear than in New Mexico.

What Jobs Does Solar Create?

In 2021, the solar industry provided 1,880 jobs in New Mexico. These jobs range from installation to customer service and everything in between. 

What Types of Workers Do Solar Companies Need?

Solar companies provide employment opportunities for all types of workers. Chief among them are installation specialists who can help put solar panels onto rooftops. Additionally, those well versed in solar paperwork, handling deadlines and scheduling are always in demand.

Commercial and Public Solar Jobs

On top of residential solar jobs, expanded solar capacity in New Mexico will require other positions. Administrative personnel, engineers, and lawyers will be in high demand for large-scale solar installations. The University of New Mexico’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research predicts community-solar projects will contribute to the state economy

Where Can Solar Expand in New Mexico?

Doug Howe, a former member of the Public Regulation Commission, believes that eastern New Mexico is ripe for expansion. An expansion of solar energy has become more attractive following the uncertainty around the price of fossil fuels, resulting from the pandemic and war abroad. Investing in solar and wind power will ease New Mexico’s dependence on fossil fuels. 

The Future of Solar Jobs in New Mexico

How will solar energy impact the New Mexico economy going forward? Will it produce more jobs? The experts say yes. Specialists say that solar jobs in New Mexico will triple by 2030.

Solar Energy Brings Non-Solar Jobs

Having a robust renewable energy system is also attractive to outside companies. Energy experts have connected renewables to increased investment in rural areas, culminating in the arrival of New Mexico’s crown jewel — Facebook. Facebook has brought more than $1 billion in investments to New Mexico and created thousands of new jobs. 


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